by Jonathon Daver-Aksomitis

I got to go to Quebec with my Grandma (Linda Aksomitis) from January 24 to 29, 2006. It was a great trip.

Jon skiing in Quebec.

Jon skiing in Quebec.

Skiing at Sutton Mountain Resort was the best part of visiting the Eastern Townships – the ski lift was very freaky. I had lessons with René and went down the hill with him. Then I skied down the hill with Marie Noelle and Thomas. Grandma had to stay on the bunny hill! The others went night skiing at Ski Bromont, but Grandma and I went to the pool at Chateau Bromont instead. It was the best place we stayed because it had a good pool and hot tub.

Dog sledding was very good at Adrenaline Adventure at Magog. I was a little nervous, like the dogs, since they were having their first run of the day. I sat on the sled with Grandma, and Martine, the owner, was our musher. We were the lead sled and it was very fast.

train in Knowlton

Knowlton, Quebec miniature train

We stopped at a nice fudge store in Sutton when we visited the towns. I got Mom and Dad the most popular fudge-it had peanut butter and chocolate in it. The lady at Confiserie Tentation made 120 different kinds of candy. She was cool. We stopped in Knowlton too and mailed a postcard. It is one of the five prettiest villages in the Eastern Townships. I also saw the minature train ouside the train store there–it was fun to watch.

It took almost all afternoon on our bus to get to Quebec City. We stayed at the Hilton Quebec-only on the fourth floor, but we got to go to the 23rd floor for breakfasts. We could see the parliament buildings out our window and Bonhomme’s Ice Palace.

The first night we got to go to the Mega Parc des Galeries de la Capitale. We watched Imax in French, and that was okay. I got to go on one of the rides and I bought a toy at one of the stores.

snow tubing

Tubing in the snow

Friday we drove around Quebec City to see the old buildings and then went for a walk, but it was cold. I liked Quebec City. The wall around the city was neat. I would have liked to climb up and walk on it, but we didn’t find any stairs up to it. The buildings are very old and interesting, and there are very narrow streets.

After that we went to the Village Vacances Valcartier. It was the best! I was too short to drive the bumper cars, just like I was too short for the zip lines and tree-top adventures at Parc Aventure Sutton in the Easter Townships. But, I rode with Grandma. She was really good except for one crash into the boards, but at least we didn’t get stuck there like other people. Tubing in the park was awesome. The sliding hills were very high, so we looked for green runs. I took the conveyor once to the top and once I pulled my tube up the hill. I slid down the snow at the kids’ ice castle too. There were lots of kids there, so it was fun.

Quebec's ice hotel -- the lounge where they served hot chocolate.

Quebec’s ice hotel — the lounge where they served hot chocolate.

My favorite things we ate in Quebec were crepes with maple syrup every day for breakfast. I also liked the wild duck we had at Auberge West Brome. Grandma’s favourite was sugar pie-it was like pecan pie without the pecans.

The ice hotel was cool. My favourite room was the lounge where I got hot chocolate. We sat on ice benches covered with hides, so they weren’t even cold. Nefertiti’s room had the nicest ice sculptures. I wouldn’t want to sleep in the ice hotel, in case I had a room a long ways from the hot tub at bedtime, and had to run through the cold. Robert, one of the people in our group, slept there and he said it was very good.


Quebec snow rafting

Snow Rafting at Quebec Carnival

The Carnival was the last day. Bonhomme came to our breakfast, so we had pictures taken with him-he’s a big snowman. We walked through Bonhomme’s Palace and saw all the snow sculptures. They all looked good-everybody should have won. I liked the huge hand the best.

Ice fishing was cool too, even though I didn’t catch a trout. Snow rafting was even more fun than going downhill on a toboggan. I liked bouncing over the bumps with the raft. Being a foozeball player was good. I wore a blue shirt for our team and was hooked to a pole with a seat belt. I couldn’t move very far. Our team only lost by one point.

The dog races down the streets of Old Quebec were very fun. There were lots of people! Grandma and I sat right in front on the snow so we could take pictures. I took lots.

Quebec bonhomme

Bonhomme at Quebec’s Winter Carnival

Carnival was fun-everybody should visit! The people should be very proud of Quebec City. It’s a good city.

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