Small Town Saskatchewan Celebrates

100 Years Young!

The one thing you can be sure of in Saskatchewan is that June or July is Sports Day, or Homecoming Day, for all the small communities around.

Traditionally, the sports day name went with the ball games and I suppose, before my time, the local horse races and other forms of competition. Today, though, ball tournaments aren’t so commonplace, although it’s always fun to watch the locals who get together a “fun” team up against the serious players who count on the payback offered.

Parade at the Edenwold, Saskatchewan, 100th birthday celebrations

100th birthday cake for Edenwold, Saskatchewan!

We plan to attend most of the nearby celebrations, and this morning (June 9, 2012), sharp on the dot of, well, what parade ever starts sharp on any hour…but shortly after 11 a.m. we lined up on Main Street, Edenwold, for what promised to be a great celebration parade for the town’s 100th birthday.

Bagpipe music announced the parade’s arrival, and it was led–as per contemporary standard–by the police car of the local RCMP detachment (who are a lot more serious than the Corner Gas celebrities, Sergeant Davis Quinton and Constable Karen Pelly), followed by two RCMP officers (not so standard) in full dress. (See the pin in the sidebar.)
And like every Saskatchewan parade, you can expect horses…
Horses in the Edenwold Centennial Parade.
and vintage cars…
Vintage cars at Edenwold, Saskatchewan, parade.
and sports teams…

Edenwold Centennial parade hockey float.

Edenwold Centennial parade hockey float.

and church groups (these ladies had already served the pancake breakfast!)…
Edenwold Lutheran Church ladies group at the Edenwold, Saskatchewan, parade celebrations.

Edenwold Lutheran Church ladies group.

and lots of Rider pride (for the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football team)…

Rider Pride for the Saskatchewan Roughriders football team.

Rider Pride for the Saskatchewan Roughriders football team.

and a turnout of most of the community, come rain or sunshine…
A great turnout of people for the Edenwold 100th Anniversary celebrations parade.

A great turnout of people for the Edenwold 100th Anniversary celebrations parade.


But most of all, you can expect good old small town hospitality and a friendly smile.

Watch Edenwold’s 100th Celebrations

Here’s the CTV video of Edenwold’s 100th celebrations:


Updated July 25, 2018.

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