Pecan gems being made at Seven Winds Kitchen in Birmingham, Alabama.

Pecan gems being made at Seven Winds Kitchen in Birmingham, Alabama.

What can be better than fudge: peanut butter, chocolate, or pecan? Nothing, I thought, taking my first tastes in the Seven Winds Kitchen.

Jane Gammon  at Seven Winds Kitchen

Jane Gammon at Seven Winds Kitchen

Being a country girl myself, I wasn’t the least bit surprised to find a thriving enterprise in what appeared to be a run-of-the-mill farmhouse, next to a metal sided store that could pass for most people’s storage facility. It was a bit of a shock, however, to the city friends I was with when we visited Seven Winds Kitchen outside Logan, Alabama.

Jane Gammon and Francis Scruggs are sisters, who’ve taken a family hand-me-down recipe for peanut brittle, done a little tinkering, and started up their own business marketing and developing sweet treats of every nature. Jane said, “Mother (Berta Gammon) began to make candy for everybody,” from a recipe she received from another family member back in the 1940s, so the brittle had been tested by hundreds of friends and relatives before Jane and Francis opened shop in 1994.

Cutting peanut pecan brittle.

Cutting peanut pecan brittle.

From tasting fudge I moved on to watch Jane and Francis make the receipe that’s really made Seven Winds Kitchen a household word–the peanut and pecan brittle. My first impressions were wrong. There is something better than fudge!

There are no automated vats or timers in this kitchen. Every piece of candy, from the pecan gems to the pralines to the fudge, is carefully made by these two experts, and hand-packed with the help of hired staff. As Jane said, “This is the way we know how to do it … one gallon at a time, 3500 gallons a year.”

In between types of candy I took advantage of one of Francis’s original cheese hooies to cleanse my palate, so to speak. These sharp tasting little cookies do a great job of preparing me to taste another delectible treat.

Seven Winds Kitchen Products

Seven Winds Kitchen Products

All of the pecans used in Seven Winds Kitchen products are grown locally in Alabama. That could explain why the peanut and pecan brittle melted in my mouth, with a nice sweet crunch of nuts that makes my mouth water just to think about it!

If you’re near Logan, make Seven Winds Kitchen one of your stops, and watch these talented ladies cook for a while, then sample everything. Jane assured me, “We stretch all the calories out!”

Of course, once you’ve sampled some of the sweet treats, you’ll want to step next door to the sales area and bring home some samples of Bert’s Brittle to share with family and friends. If you run out, you can also contact the sales office to get your favourites shipped in time for the holidays.

Updated April 29, 2018.


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