Written by Aaron Gordon

Ride England's London Eye on the banks of the River Thames.

Ride England’s London Eye on the banks of the River Thames or rent of the “cars” and take your vows while looking down over beautiful centuries old architecture. Photo by Linda Aksomitis

For your honeymoon, you want romantic settings, fun activities, and something interesting and new without having to spend a fortune. This may sound like fantasy, but it is actually quite achievable if you do a little research.

There are plenty of places where you can stay without spending a great deal of money and still plan a remarkable and memorable time for you and your new spouse.

Here are four suggestions for spots to consider for your affordable, enjoyable, and unique honeymoon trip.

1) Multi-country European tour. For those who simply must see Europe, your honeymoon is a great time to explore.

If you’re adventurous, book yourself a multi-country tour sponsored by a reputable tour company. You will avoid the hassles of making multiple hotel reservations and all your travel is included. Many tours also include some meals.

Budapest, Hungary, the famous Chain Bridge (Széchenyi lánchíd)

Budapest, Hungary, the famous Chain Bridge (Széchenyi lánchíd) – photo by Linda Aksomitis

The downside is that you will have to take what you get, and some of the hotels and restaurants along the way may not be five-star. Another drawback is that you do not see much of each place you visit; often day trips or even afternoon excursions are all you will see of a city.

Fog over a valley in the Smoky Mountains.

Fog over a valley in the Smoky Mountains. Photo by Linda Aksomitis.

However, if you and your new spouse really want to see seven European countries in two weeks, this is the approach to take, and you can always return for a more leisurely perusal of your favorite spots‚ perhaps on your anniversary!

2) Gatlinburg, Tennessee, or Cherokee, North Carolina.

These two cities represent the very best in Smoky Mountain vacationing, with plenty to do in the surrounding area.

Visit in the summer for fun white-water rafting or the fall for spectacular leaf color. Even winter is great in these mountain locations, with skiing in some areas and beauty everywhere in the snow-covered mountains.

Many of the cabins available for rent in the Smokies have huge fireplaces and full kitchens so that you can create your own retreat for you and your spouse.

3) Las Vegas, Nevada. This might be a strange choice to some people for a honeymoon, but Vegas’ glitzy reputation hides some real advantages for a couple who wants to spend time alone.

Nice hotel rooms and good food are very low in price since the casinos are focusing on making money from gambling, and Vegas is close enough to the Grand Canyon for you to drive to this and other points of interest if you rent a car.

Las Vegas, Nevada, by night! Photo by Linda Aksomitis.

Las Vegas, Nevada, by night! Photo by Linda Aksomitis.

You can gamble, watch a show, enjoy a great dinner, or just lounge by the pool. What more could you ask from a honeymoon destination?

4) Washington, D. C. Most people would not think of visiting the United States’ capital on their honeymoon, but D.C. offers something for almost every interest, and if you and your spouse enjoy museums and tours, you could not ask for a better location.

Art, history, and government are all represented in hundreds of venues, many of them with free admission. Spend a couple of days at the Smithsonian Institute, visit Capitol Hill or the White House, or rent a car and drive into the beautiful Virginia or Maryland countryside for the day. Baltimore and Philadelphia are also relatively easy trips from Washington, or you could spend a day or so at the Maryland or Delaware beaches.

There are so many things to do around the Washington area that you will have to plan carefully to ensure that you fit everything into your schedule!

Choosing your honeymoon location should be an enjoyable experience. Talk to your spouse and sign up for some Internet mailing lists to get great ideas for your trip.

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