Westminster Bridge in London

Westminster Bridge in London, with a view from the Thames River of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

There’s so much to see in London, it’s hard to cram even the most iconic stops into a weekend trip–choosing the right hotel can be a definite advantage though!

A time shortage was definitely my biggest challenge on a London stop I made after a tour of Welsh castles and a conference in Cardiff a few years ago. I stayed at the Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge, location, just a few weeks after its grand opening. And while there had to have been details for staff to work out behind the scenes, I certainly didn’t run into any problems even this soon after their start-up.

In marketing, the buzzword has always been location, location, location, and as a tourist I echo the phrase!

London by night

View of London at night from the entrance of the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel.

The Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge location put me right in the heart of London’s iconic attractions.

And what about my stay at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge? It was excellent.

Room at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel in London.

Room at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel in London.

The rooms had every amenity I could think of and were very comfortable. I loved the modern styling and glass, although I must admit that since I’m directionally challenged I sometimes wandered around for awhile looking for my room.

The hotel is designed to maximize the view with the less-expensive inner rooms having no windows, and the premium rooms situated on outer rings.

More than once, I received some guidance from housekeeping staff. Service was great!

I found the 1WB Lounge & Patisserie in the hotel offered very fine dining. I chose scallops and beef tenderloin for my main course the evening I dined in, which along with the wine selection, was excellent.

Fine dining at 1WB Lounge and Patisserie in London's Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel.

Fine dining at 1WB Lounge and Patisserie

My favorite part of the meal though, as it often is, was a dessert parfait.

The hotel also serves a breakfast buffet that included the “usuals” I’d come to expect in the UK.

While I’ll never be a fan of the UK’s mushy pork breakfast sausages or cold toast, the jams did a fabulous job of turning unbuttered, thin-sliced, lightly browned bread, into something tasty to go along with the fruits.

So, when you want a great hotel experience, along with access to a lot of London’s most popular attractions, I highly recommend the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel.

If you’d like a tour of the hotel, come along on this YouTube video!


Visit Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel

For more info: +44 (0)844 415 6790, or visit online at: http://www.visitlondon.com/where-to-stay/place/7181150-park-plaza-westminster-bridge

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