Amphibious vehicle

David and Linda Aksomitis beside the amphibious vehicle they rode in for their tour of the Boston Harbor. Stop #4B on the Boston Super Tours.

Driving around a new city isn’t for us–instead, we take whatever double decker bus tour is available. In Boston, we had several options, and chose the Boston Super Tours for a couple of reasons, the main one being their Super Duck Tour with the amphibious vehicle that drives right into the Boston Harbor!

The extra free days and free admissions didn’t hurt our feelings either, of course. It was, in fact, one of the best deals we found in what was a pretty expensive city.

Cost aside though, I loved the historic aspects of the city, especially as we got a bird’s eye view from the trolley. The tour has 21+ stops, hitting all of the Boston attractions that were on our list of things to do in Boston.

Here’s the link to the Boston Super Tours map: Just click on the green map point for the name of the attraction.

Our favorite spot was #13, 84 Beacon Street, home of the Cheers bar!

Here are some of views of Boston and places we stopped on the Super Trolley Tour.

Boston Founders Memoria

Boston Founders Memorial in Boston Common near Beacon Street and Spruce Street. The statue shows William Blackstone, Boston’s first English resident, and Colonial Governor John Winthrop. Stop #7 of the Super Trolley Tours.


Boston Trinity Church

Boston Trinity Church, consecrated in 1877. View from the top of the Boston Super Tours bus.


Fenway Park in Boston

Fenway Park in Boston. Stop 16 on the Super Tours.


Boston North End.

Boston North End. Stop #3 on the Super Tours.


Boston New England Aquarium.

Boston’s New England Aquarium. Features include penguins and freshwater fish displays. Stop #1 on the Super Trolley Tours.


Old Boston Post Office.

Old Boston Post Office where Cliff from Cheers worked. See this historical site:


Boston Public Library.

Boston Public Library. See here for tour information: And here’s the handbook guide to the architecture:


If you’d like to visit Boston, take a tour with this YouTube video from


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