Victoria/Traffic Bridge in Saskatoon

Victoria/Traffic Bridge in Saskatoon

The South Saskatchewan River winds its way through Saskatoon, making it one of Saskatchewan’s prettiest cities. With seven bridges in use crossing the river, Saskatoon has more bridges than any other city in Saskatchewan. Hence, its nickname–Bridge City.

Luckily, for residents and visitors alike, the Meewasin Valley Authority has been working for decades to preserve the river’s beauty and make the area around the South Saskatchewan an oasis for wildlife and people to enjoy.

Meewasin is the Cree word for beautiful, an apt description of the sixty km long valley that follows the South Saskatchewan from Pike Lake, through Saskatoon, to Clarke’s Crossing. The Meewasin Valley Interpretive Centre is located in downtown Saskatoon, at the foot of the Victoria/Traffic Bridge.

While it’s a busy trail all year round, the pristine snows of winter add another layer of beauty to this downtown trail used by hikers and cross-country skiers. I hope you enjoy my photo tour.

South Saskatchewan River

South Saskatchewan River on the Meewasin Trail in downtown Saskatoon.


Saskatoon's castle--the Bessborough Hotel

Saskatoon’s castle–the Bessborough Hotel–viewed from the Meewasin Valley Trail in Saskatoon.


Winter enthusiasts cooking an outdoor lunch

Winter enthusiasts cooking an outdoor lunch over a fire pit grill on the trail in downtown Saskatoon.


Jogger on the Meewasin Trail

A jogger enjoying the Meewasin Valley hiking path in downtown Saskatoon.


Canada Geese along the South Saskatchewan River.

Canada Geese along the South Saskatchewan River.

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