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Linda Aksomitis

Linda Aksomitis being “eaten” by a shark at the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center in Virginia Beach, Virgina.

Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia, provides an in-depth look at both the salt and fresh water habitats of the area.

For today’s Friday Feature Photo tour though, I’d like to take you outside the main building for the Nature Trail Hike to Marsh Pavilion. It’s home to marsh creatures as well as the Research and Conservation branch of the aquarium.

Don’t worry if hiking isn’t your thing as you can also drive around to this additional part of the center.

However, we loved the Nature Trail hike, and recommend you set aside some time to take it if you can when you visit the aquarium. The trail takes you on a boardwalk along Owls Creek, the only Virginia Beach marsh connected directly with the Atlantic Ocean. With the highest salinity of any marsh in Virginia, it’s a special habitat friendly to a number of different wildlife species.

Come along on our walk!


Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center Nature Trail Hike follows a boardwalk between along Owls Creek.

Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center Nature Trail Hike follows a boardwalk along Owls Creek.


Lots of wildlife life in the marsh area along Owls Creek.

This boater is fishing in the marsh area along Owls Creek.


Paved trail beneath the trees

Once you leave the boardwalk through the marsh, a paved trail takes you to the treetop tower that’s fun to climb. The trees formed an amazing canopy high above our heads–a perfect place to hang out on a hot day!


Giant nest replica

There are lots of activity centers for kids along the hiking trail. This is a giant osprey manmade nest that lets children imagine they’re young osprey.


Kayakers enjoying the creek.

Kayakers enjoying the creek.



Visit Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center

The Center is situated in Virginia Beach, Virginia, at 717 General Booth Blvd. It’s easy to find and has lots of parking adjacent to the main building.

For full information on visiting, see the website at:

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