Contraband Days

Contraband Days buccaneers in Lake Charles. Photo by David Aksomitis.

Ahoy, mateys, as they say! There’s nothing like a rollicking pirate story to captivate a reader, especially if that reader is me.

David and I were lucky enough to attend Contraband Days, Louisiana’s premier pirate event, in Lake Charles, Louisiana, in the first week of May, 2013. The festival is always on the last day or two of April and the first couple of weeks of May, making it April 29 to May 11, 2014.

While Lake Charles is always one of my favorite southern destinations, whether it’s Mardi Gras or just a weekend at the casino, Contraband Days has some thrills that you can’t find at any other celebration.

So what’s it all about? Well, Contraband Days begins with the pirates, led by Jean Lafitte, taking over the city of Lake Charles and making the mayor walk the plank.

From there, things just get better and better in that Louisiana celebration style that I love!

Here are some photos of our visit to Contraband Days, mostly taken by David. Somehow, I ended up getting more involved with the fun than the photo taking.

Let’s start with a YouTube video from Visit Lake Charles to get going:


Pirate Photos from Contraband Days


Contraband Days parade

It’s parade time at Lake Charles Contraband Days. Photo by David Aksomitis.

Here come the pirates on Lake Charles!

Here come the pirates on Lake Charles! Photo by David Aksomitis.

Canon fire

Lake Charles Buccaneers preparing to defend the city against Jean Lafitte’s pirates.

Walking the plank

Pirate Jean Lafitte forcing the Lake Charles city mayor to walk the plank at Contraband Days.



Attend Contraband Days in Lake Charles, LA

Start planning now to attend the 2014 Contraband Days pirate fun, April 29 to May 11, 2014. For details see the Contraband Days website:

Our thanks to everyone at the Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitor’s Bureau for hosting our stay during Contraband Days! It was a fabulous experience enjoying your southern hospitality and the pirate festivities.


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