Auberge La Pente Abrupte

Auberge La Pente Abrupte in Sainte-Paule, Quebec.

Maple syrup is as Canadian as the maple leaf on our flag–in fact, they’re two of the top iconic symbols for the great white north that I love, especially in the winter.

Where I live on the prairies we do have a few Manitoba maple trees, however maple syrup isn’t an industry as it is in Eastern Canada where they have the deep, moist fertile soils required by the other nine maple varieties found in Canada.

Eastern Canada also gets its beautiful fall foliage colors from these maple varieties, making “leafing” an important season.

But anyway, back to maple syrup and the sugaring season, which I got to sample a few years ago on a snowmobile trip through Quebec’s La Haute-Gaspesie region in March, when the spring thaw begins and the sap starts to run.

Collecting maple sap

Maple trees are connected to the sap lines that come down the hillside to the processing building.

Sap is collected and processed.

Sap is collected and processed.

Auberge La Pente Abrupte

Sugar shack – Auberge La Pente Abrupte dining room.

Maple meal

A full “maple” flavored meal (ham, baked beans, and cocktail sausages in maple syrup) at a Quebec sugar shack is served at the Auberge La Pente Abrupte.

Enjoy this YouTube selection of Jimmy Gilmer’s song, Sugar Shack!


Visit a Sugar Shack

Plan a day visit or overnight stay at Auberge La Pente Abrupte maple interpretation center in Sainte-Paule, Gaspésie Québec. See them online at:

Our thanks to Le Québec maritime for hosting our wonderful adventures in Maritime Quebec – and to Steve Gaudreau at Panda Aventures for being our guide on the trails.


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