David & Linda Aksomitis

David & Linda Aksomitis – photo taken in March, 2013, in the Squirrel Hills near Indian Head. That was our record breaking snowfall winter!

We love winter–not the freezing cold, just the snow. The more of it that falls, the happier we are!

Where we live in Southern Saskatchewan, about 50 km east of Regina on the Trans-Canada Highway in Qu’Appelle, we have an average of 100 cm of snow annually, or around three feet.

Generally, temperatures are below freezing from December through to March, but nice enough to get out to enjoy our sunny days and sparkling snow.

Let me take you snowmobiling around Qu’Appelle to enjoy the fun with us!


David & Linda Aksomitis

David & Linda Aksomitis in a field near Qu’Appelle in 2014 — Linda has her new Ski-Doo that has stayed track side down all winter!



Jason in a coulee about five miles from Qu’Appelle.


Jason coming up off the dam about 10 miles from Qu’Appelle.


Mike snowmobiling about ten miles from Qu’Appelle.

winter campfire

Dave starting a fire for the kids’ annual snowmobile weinor roast.

snowmobile jump

Tracy coming up out of Happy Valley – about 6 miles from Qu’Appelle – 2012

snowmobile jump

Eric coming up out of Happy Valley – 2012.

snowmobile carving

Jon learning how to carve the snow – Squirrel Hills about twelve miles from Qu’Appelle – 2013.


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