Glacier in Kluane National Park.

Glacier in Kluane National Park.

Ice. Frozen, transparent crystals of water formed when the temperature falls below the freezing mark.

I don’t know about you, but I always thought glaciers were made of ice. After all, when glaciers break up you get icebergs.

Well, actually, to use the correct terminology, when glaciers calve or break apart, you get icebergs.

Anyway, back to how glaciers are formed–and that’s by a build up of snow. What happens is that when snow falls year after year without melting, the snow is compacted and turns into ice. There’s a great diagram of how it happens on this site:

In fact, when I saw glaciers in the Yukon, I was quite surprised to find that they looked a lot more like a very rough snowmobile racetrack than like glaciers I’d seen on television or in pictures.

Seeing Kluane’s glaciers was one of the highlights of my Yukon trip, but still, when I came upon this amazing video of the largest glacier calving event ever captured on video, I was absolutely amazed. Now watching something like this in real life is something I have to put on my bucket list!

Here’s that video, so you can watch it too and add your comments below.

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