One co-ordinator, two instructors, three writers and nine poets, spent a week together learning our respective crafts.

Dave Swann led our fiction writing group. An author from England, he is well acquainted with both writing and teaching.

Besides myself from Canada, there was also Rose (originally from Australia, having just moved to England a week previous to the course in pursuit of a career in the opera), and Dawn, a multi-grandmother and great-grandmother from New Zealand.

Several times during the week of writing workshops, we gathered together for a meal, a few laughs and some lively conversation. Everyone had wonderful stories to tell and interesting backgrounds. One person that I felt had a particularly intriguing background was Rachel, who is living in Kabul, Afghanistan. I hope to visit her one day.

The poets were Nicola, Alexandra, Penny, Sarah, Sally, Paddy, (extras: Sue, Tris)

Myself and Rose (above). Ruth, myself, and Rose to the left)

On Sunday evening about 5:15 pm we gathered into a circle to read pieces from all our works. Sue began with a cheery flute tune to get us in the mood and towards the end Stewart regaled us with some Leonard Cohen songs. We followed this with a farewell dinner.