Peasant Cookery Restaurant

Peasant Cookery Restaurant, 283 Bannatyne Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Stopping in for cocktails at Peasant Cookery in Winnipeg provides a great opportunity to find some original ways to sample Manitoba–Canada’s–premiere whisky: Crown Royal.

Crown Royal blended whisky is the top selling Canadian whiskey in the United States. Blended from 50 special whiskies in a distillery just outside Winnipeg, Manitoba, at Gimli, the whiskey has a long tradition of being the “best” of the best. It was, as its name suggests, originally created in honour of the Royal family, in this case, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, way back  in 1939.

Those first cases were delivered to the royal train when the royal couple arrived in Manitoba. For more about the 1939 Royal Tour, see the television and radio clips from CBC radio at:

Kaitlynd Landry at Peasant Cookery in Winnipeg

Kaitlynd Landry, bartender at Peasant Cookery in Winnipeg, mixing cocktails with Crown Royal whiskey.

Peasant Cookery’s innovative young bartender, Kaitlynd Landry, spent three months developing their cocktail list after intensive training in the classroom and on-the-job.

The Cocktails

Like a wine tasting, I sampled three Crown Royal cocktails before choosing my favorite to order.

  • The Manitoban — Crown Royal, Chambord, fresh beet juice, brown sugar simple syrup, and rhubarb bitters.
  • Smoked Vanilla Manhattan — Crown Royal, Cinzano, smoked vanilla infused maple syrup, whiskey barrel aged bitters.
  • Blue Divine — Crown Royal, fresh blueberries, lemon juice, simple syrup, and soda water.

I slotted The Manitoban, which reminded me of borscht (that I do love!) into third spot, and the strong, sweet whisky taste of the Smoked Vanilla Manhattan into second. Blue Divine, with its tart blueberry flavour, was easily my favourite.

Give these cocktails a try and let me know what you think!

Crown Royal Video

by Linda Aksomitis