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The church at the Columbus Cemetary – Necropolis Colon – in La Habana, Cuba. Photograph by Henryk Kotowski. From:

By James Blake

Cuba is the kind of place that’s surrounded with delightful mystery and wonder – the kind of place they always say you really have to go to be able to understand what it’s all about.

However, there’s also something of a darker side to the chatter which paints a picture of a Cuba that’s not exactly the most welcoming on Earth to say the least.

With this in mind therefore, here are a few of the most common misconceptions about Cuba that can pretty much be thrown out of the equation once and for all:

Cuba Holidays are Expensive

Maybe once, but for UK holidaymakers Cuba often ranks among the most affordable holiday destinations in the world. Not only have flights become cheaper over the years, but costs of living in Cuba are not exactly on a par with those of Britain.

As such, once you get there you’re looking at the most affordable days and nights, whatever you get up to. And what’s more, all-inclusive holiday packages in rather luxurious surroundings can now be put together for what a few years ago you’d have been looking at for a standard hop to Spain.

Cuba Isn’t the Place for Kids

Totally untrue and those who think so are depriving themselves and their families of some incredible experiences. Just like most of the Caribbean, Cuba is the kind of place that’s a real-world mecca for kids and serves up more family-friendly activities and opportunities than most places across the board.

Varadero beach2

By Henryk Kotowski (Own work) [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC-BY-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

It’s a nation of fun and sun, sand and sea and general joy for life – the kids never fail to feed off the atmosphere of Cuba. From the best beaches on the face of the Earth to amazing clubs set up by most hotels and resorts, kids couldn’t be more at home in Cuba.

Cuba Can be Dangerous

Where exactly this myth came from is still a mystery, but yet it still perpetuates across plenty of circles. In reality, Cuba is a country like any other which is almost entirely safe and is literally as risk and danger-free as it gets in the tourist hotspots.

Of course, if you stray into the middle of nowhere you might find yourself in a pickle, but where on Earth couldn’t you say the same for? As far as tourism goes, holidays to Cuba really are as safe as it gets…period.



Cuba Service Standards are Tepid

And a big one to finish up, there’s only one type of person that looks down on the service standard in Cuba and that’s the type that has never actually been there. For anyone that’s been, this is of course about as ludicrous as statement as any – Cubans take enormous pride in offering the kind of warm welcomes and stunning hospitality the likes of which is hard to come by anywhere.

From the biggest of five-star resorts to the smallest of home-stays, it’s almost impossible not to be treated like royalty on a Cuba holiday and come back with a new definition of the term ‘spoilt rotten’.

James Blake is a self-professed expert on bagging Mauritius all inclusive deals and has recently launched his own blog focusing on affordable exotic travel for the UK. He lives and works in Stevenage with his wife of two years.