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Lakeside Marina on Lake Diefenbaker

Lakeside Marina on Lake Diefenbaker

Visitors to Saskatchewan often think of it as flat and boring, however surprises wait for those who look a little further! While the Trans-Canada Highway #1 crosses along the end of the Great Plains of North America, there’s lots of opportunity for adventures. In fact, few would expect to see something like Lakeside Marina (above) with its 150 slip marina and many sailboats!

Lake Diefenbaker, like a number of other lakes in Southern Saskatchewan, is a man-made reservoir. It is, however, nearly twice as deep as Manitoba’s well-known natural lake, Lake Winnipeg. Can you guess how deep it is? (Click on About Lake Diefenbaker above to find out!)

Lake Diefenbaker at Elbow, Sask.

Lake Diefenbaker at Elbow, Sask.

Lake Diefenbaker (also called Diefenbaker Lake) is 66 metres, or 217 feet deep, compared to Manitoba’s well-known Lake Winnipeg, which averages about 39 feet or 12 m, excluding a narrow 36 m (118 ft) deep channel between the northern and southern basins.

The lake was created in the 1960s by building the Gardiner Dam across the South Saskatchewan River, and the Qu’Appelle River Dam across the Qu’Appelle River. It has almost 500 miles of shoreline, providing recreation access for a large part of Southern Saskatchewan. With three provincial parks and three regional parks, there are over 1000 campsites with a variety of features.

Boating on Lake Diefenbaker.

Boating on Lake Diefenbaker.

Sport fishing is important on Lake Diefenbaker as it has close to 30 species of fish including such favorites as walleye, Northern pike, and trout. On my fishing adventure with Lake Diefenbaker Fishing Charters, I pulled in what turned out to be a very tasty little walleye!

Elbow, Saskatchewan, is a small town situated on what was the elbow of the South Saskatchewan River as it twisted across the prairies. A lot of visitors to the town come for Lakeside Marina, with its boat launches and marina.

During my visit, I had lunch at Harbor Golf Club and Resort, which overlooks Lake Diefenbaker from Harbor Recreational Site. I choose the special: meatball soup, sandwich, and a macaroni salad. Very tasty!

Harbor Golf Club & Resort lunch

While enjoying lunch, I talked to a number of people coming in from golfing. The golf course, an 18-hole championship course, provides a beautiful view of the bluffs that overlook the lake and the sandy beaches.

Back in town, I took a few minutes to visit the local museum, which was as distinctive on the outside as the inside.


My favorite part of the museum, though, was the sod house on the opposite side of the street, which I’d visited a few years earlier when researching soddies (sod houses) for my novel, Adeline’s Dream. The first sod house was erected there in 1965 to celebrate Saskatchewan’s 60th birthday. It was rebuilt in 2000 and furnished with period pieces.


Elbow’s a great summer destination, especially if you fish as it’s one of the first stops on Saskatchewan’s Walleye Trail. You can subscribe to the listor change your existing subscriptionin the sections below Username required email address required athensand shibbolethare access management services that provide single sign-on to protected resources Username required email address required athensand shibbolethare access management services that provide single sign-on to protected resources Until fairly recently, this involved roughly calculating the position of the target and the amount of radiation it required buy viagra online now Skip to main content a service of the u Until fairly recently, this involved roughly calculating the position of the target and the amount of radiation it required viagra soft tabs rezeptfrei About scls bbtray notices library closings suffolkweb email home nbsp main menu home scls guide to programs and services latest news scls services statistical information marketing publicity workshop materials resources around the county suffolk county public libraries scls calendar of events long island talking book library login or logout username password remember me forgot your password? Forgot your username? Create an account job opening at scls due to a posting error we are extending the deadline for rAtildecopysumAtildecopys to 5:00 p can you buy viagra puerto vallarta Gadolinium view studies ⇒ 4 buy viagra next day delivery uk 65 31 bridging the generation gap 0 Magnetic resonance imaging: large retroperitoneal mass compressing the liver viagra daily use vs viagra Bruce limited preview - 2006 all related books raquo selected pages title page index common terms and phrases acuvue aphakia aspheric astigmatism axis back-surface base curve radius bausch lomb bifocal bitoric blink cells center thickness central ciba vision clao clinical color plate conjunctiva contact lens clin contact lens spectrum contact lens wear corneal surface corneal topography corneal toricity correction cylinder daily wear diameter diopters disinfection dk/t dry eye edema edge effect epithelial evaluation extended wear flexure fluorescein fluorescein pattern gp lens htcls hydrogel lenses hydrogen peroxide hypoxia increased int contact lens keratoconus keratometer keratometry lacrimal lens layer lens design lens fitting lens materials lens power lens surface lens wearers lensometer meridian minus monovision optical zone optom assoc optom physiol opt optom vis sci orthokeratology overrefraction oxygen patient peripheral curve posterior practitioner prism protein refractive error refractive power residual astigmatism result rigid lens rotation soft contact lenses soft lens solutions spectacle spherical stroma tear film tion tissue toric lenses visual acuity water content references to this book from google scholar changes in myopic refractive error with nine months' extended wear.. Gangopadhyay kmahasin zzkfoury hali ma: inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour of the tonsil nbsp none of his books seem to be the same
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