Tower of London Bridge

Tower of London Bridge

There’s nothing like jaunting around the world on a weekly basis through your favorite tv shows. The sights we see both inspire and entertain us. I’ve even added in fancation stops when planning trips to these destinations in the real world. And what’s more sustainable about travel than following your favorite cartoon characters on their adventures?

The Simpsons, America’s favorite family, have had a lot of adventures in their 27 seasons. (Season 28 starts this fall, on September 25, 2016.) And if you agree that the Simpsons are your favorite tv family, you’re likely under 30 (and may not have heard of Leave it to Beaver!), don’t automatically vote for either the Democrats or Republicans (may even consider Independents the best option), and are male.

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Following the Simpsons Around the World

The Simpsons have visited all seven continents, putting them ahead of most travellers. I’ve followed in some of their digital footsteps, although I must admit my experiences don’t always parallel theirs!

Tower of London Castle in London, England.

Tower of London Castle in London, England.

My favorite? Homer getting imprisoned in the tower of London! Back in high school, I’d read every book I could find on the history of the Kings and Queens who spent time in the tower, and must admit I’d imagined myself in Homer’s situation once or twice.

While I loved the whole tour and experience, two things stand out: the crown jewels (imagine nearly 25,000 gems!) and the execution site where Anne Boleyn and Lady Jane Grey were beheaded. Secretly, I’d hoped to meet a ghost or two, although I imagined see-through bodies in a single piece rather than with heads under their arms.

But of course, I still have lots of travelling to do to catch up to the Simpsons. Of the places they’ve ventured, Iceland is at the top of my bucket list. What about you?

Iceland - public domain photo downloaded at Pixabay.

Iceland – public domain photo downloaded at Pixabay.

Infographic of Places the Simpsons Have Travelled

See the fullsize graphic here:

Everywhere The Simpsons Went

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