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Bridge to Daytona

Bridge to Daytona

It’s no secret that Florida is North America’s top destination for snowbirds. After all, what’s not to love about average temperatures of 70 degrees when a lot of the continent is preoccupied with icy highways and sidewalks that need shoveling? (Well, except for those of us who wait anxiously for snow so we can hit the trails with our snowmobiles, skis, dogsleds, snowshoes, and toboggans. But back to Florida.)

Whether you’re planning a hotspot destination for the whole winter or just a week, there’s lots to see and do in the Sunshine State (nickname adopted by the 1970 Legislature).

Whether you’ve ever been or not, ¬†you may enjoy the infographic I’ve embedded below, called 50 Insane Facts about Florida, such as if you leave your elephant (yes, elephant) tied to a parking meter, then you need to make sure you plug the meter just as if you’d left your car. Crazy? Click on the tab to check out 49 more crazy things about Florida.

Click Here for 50 Insane Facts About Florida

This infographic comes from the UK based website, Direct Villas Florida, offering facts about Florida. See the full size graphic at:

50 Insane Facts About Florida

From Visually.

Attractions for Snowbirds in Florida

Of all my trips to Florida, Daytona Beach is my favorite — and, I must admit, it was my first snowbirds experience. It was easy to pick out other snowbirds in December too, as we can never resist getting right into the water no matter what the temperature reaches for the day.

Daytona Beach, Florida

Snowbirds love Daytona Beach, Florida

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