While you might wear a crown on your head, it isn’t exactly a hat! Crowns, do, however, fulfill some of the same purposes, such as making a statement about who you are, whether that’s a Saskatchewan farmer or a snocross snowmobile racer. Personally, I’m always on a quest to find the “perfect” hat.

Linda Aksomitis in Portland, Oregon.

Linda Aksomitis in Portland, Oregon., near the Amtrak station.

Normally, I don’t think a whole lot about crowns though, but last night I attended the Regina Globe Theatre‘s opening night performance of the LAST WIFE, a play by Kate Hennig. Hennig, a Canadian, is working on a series of plays about women who wear the crown, titled The Queenmaker Trilogy.

the LAST WIFE, the first play in the trilogy, was an amazing performance, both for its acting and multi-layered story of King Henry VIII and Katherine Parr’s marriage. In simplest form, you could say it was the story of a blended family (only of course, the husband had tossed the Catholic Church out of the country so he could divorce the first wife, then beheaded two of the next ones). But simple isn’t a way you could describe any character as complex as Catherine Parr, his sixth — and final — wife. (Read more about the performance on my blog, at Opening Night at the Globe Theatre: The Last Wife, a Story of Katherine Parr.

But back to crowns and hats. The crown is a symbol of power and often has fine gems embedded to demonstrate financial power as well as political power. My first up-close view of crowns was in London, at the Tower of London Castle, where I gazed at the 23,578 gems that make up the Crown Jewels that are on display!

By Cyril Davenport (1848 – 1941) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Imperial State Crown By Cyril Davenport (1848 – 1941) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

And while the royals spent all of their efforts on winning and keeping their crowns, other members of society also developed a liking for head coverings of various styles in their hats.

Indeed, from the first world to the third world, hat styles especially have become important iconic markers of cultural dress. This infographic (from Hotels.com) looks at 80 culturally significant hats from all corners of the earth, showing just how wonderfully diverse and interesting humanity can be. – See the full size graphic at: http://visual.ly/around-world-80-hats#sthash.H7m4o6Gg.dpuf

Around The World In 80 Hats

From Visually.

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