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An emporium is a business that sells a variety of goods — and the Whytewold Emporium truly earns its name! Located south of Winnipeg Beach in Whytewold, on the eastern shore of Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba’s Interlake Region, there’s something for everyone at this popular summer stop.

The Emporium Restaurant is best known for two items on its menu: their wood fired pizza and crepes. The crepes though are more than your average fare — in fact, they’re made in the tradition of a region in France.

Trivia Question

Can you guess what region in France is best known for its crepe specialty? (Check your answer by clicking on the Emporium’s Crepes tab above.)

Crepes at the Whytewold Emporium near Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Crepes at the Whytewold Emporium near Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The Emporium Restaurant makes its crepes in the tradition of the Brittany region in France, where they’re a specialty.

While the recipe for their crepes is important, the equipment also plays a role. From traditional imported cast iron griddles, to the beachwood tools used for flipping the crepes, the Emporium focuses on getting it all just right for guests.

And I can say that my crepe was more than “just right” — it was amazing. I must admit that I’m a crepe lover no matter how they’re made, but even if you aren’t there’s likely one you’ll enjoy here. I’d ordered the special of the day, a banana creme crepe, but they have many different temptations. You can order everything from a Drunken Whytewold Chicken crepe that’s stuffed with wine marinated chicken, to the Heritage crepe with feta, spinach and herbs.

You can even watch while they make it!