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Rafting post by Roxana Oliver.

Amongst many great and wonderful experiences I’ve had since I came to the Balkans and started living in my adoptive country of Serbia, my rafting adventure is the one that truly stands out for me. Visiting the Tara rafting center was amazing in so many ways that if I got the chance to do it all over again, I would jump right to it. Australia is my homeland and even though I miss it sometimes, I’m really lucky that I am able to experience all the wonders this part of Europe has to offer and trust me, there is plenty.

So, here’s how it all went down.

Getting to Tara Rafting Center

This opportunity came as a part of my company’s team building rafting adventure. A bunch of us signed up, so naturally, we had to take the bus to get there. The ride took a bit longer than expected since we had to make a few longer stops, people have to eat, etc.

One of the stops was at Zlatibor, a famous local mountain, where we tried some of the traditional Serbian specialties, like delicious pies, roasted meat, kaymak, prosciutto and sour milk. We had one more longer stop at the Bosnian town Visegrad, home of the Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic Bridge, which was described in a Nobel Prize-winning novel The Bridge on the Drina by Ivo Andric.

Drina-Tara Rafting Center

Tara Rafting Center

Tara Rafting Center

Since we arrived pretty late, we didn’t expect to do anything except go to bed. However, we were in for a surprise. The staff at the Drina-Tara rafting center were wide awake and ready for our arrival. Very quickly they pointed us to our rooms, and when we finished unpacking everything was set for dinner.

The waiters were very professional and when they weren’t pouring us drinks, they were bringing out one delicious dish after another. The food was spectacular and it came in large amounts. Soon, the music started playing and the rest of the evening turned into a party.


Tara Rafting Center accommodations

Tara Rafting Center accommodations

On the next day, I was finally able to see everything clearly and it was beautiful. We were surrounded by the mountains and the center itself had a spectacular view of the Tara river. The air was so fresh that you could really feel your lungs feeling up to the max.

We were all scattered around in cozy little bungalows. I was relieved to see that the hygiene level was really high. The interior was new with just a few essentials, like beds and lamps. The sheets were clean and neatly folded. There were shared bathrooms, so we had to wait for our turn to shower and go to the bathroom. Still, it was an outdoor adventure, so what else could we expect?

The Rafting Adventure

Tara Rafting Center transportation

Tara Rafting Center transportation

After a deliciously prepared breakfast, we set off for our adventure. Divided into several vehicles provided by the center, we were on our way to the starting point. After a 45-minute drive and crossing the Bosnian – Montenegrin border, we arrived at our destination.

The safety gear was passed around and we were given a short course on rafting. Each boat had its own skipper who was in charge of making sure our experience was as amazing as it could possibly be.

The ride itself was wonderful. The nature surrounding us was breathtaking and we were able to experience the full velocity of the river as it threw us around, our bodies surging with adrenaline. We also had an opportunity to take a swim and jump off some not so high cliffs. The entire experience was thrilling.

Rafting adventure at the Tara Rafting Center

Rafting adventure at the Tara Rafting Center

However, for the more adventurous types, there are some more extreme activities, such as canyoning, involving navigation, climbing, diving, jumping off cliffs and natural waterfalls, etc. Also, the exciting canyoning experience has recently become part of the program offered by the Tara rafting centers and its popularity just keeps growing.

Day’s End

Exhausted from all the excitement, we returned to the center to find a freshly prepared lunch, which consisted of traditional food this region is famous for. The thing I found even more amazing was that an entire additional feast had been prepared for some of our colleagues who are vegetarians. Their meal came in a form of several dishes, each one more delicious than the last. After lunch, we packed our things, said goodbye to the wonderful staff with a promise that we would come back the next year.

So, the only thing I can conclude about rafting down the Tara river and the entire experience is that it’s a must! If you have the chance, go for it. It’s definitely worth the trip and you’ll surely end up going back again.

Rafting Tara

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About the Author

Roxana Oliver

About the author: Roxana Oliver is a lifestyle consultant from Sydney. She is also one of the editors at Highstylife Magazine. Roxana recently moved to Europe, loves to travel and write about her adventures. She is all about the healthy lifestyle, loves to run with her husband and dogs and has fun cooking exotic meals for her family. Her mantra is “every day is a new beginning”. You can find out more about her writing by following her on Twitter and Facebook.

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