The Best Place to Celebrate National Beer & Pizza Day

Tin Mill Brewery serves up the best you can find in historic Hermann, Missouri!
Enjoy beer and pizza at the Tin Mill Brewery, Hermann, Missouri.

Enjoy beer and pizza at the Tin Mill Brewery, Hermann, Missouri.

Never heard of beer and pizza day? That could be because it’s a newbie on the block when it comes to National Days we love to celebrate. In fact, the first International Beer and Pizza Day (or National!) was held October 9, 2016.

Started by Web developer, Nick Saulino, this special day gains momentum each year. Why? Because next to wine and cheese, beer and pizza may be the next most popular way to get together and have some after-five evening fun.

Requirements for a Great Beer and Pizza Place

Tin Mill Brewery, Hermann, Missouri.

Tin Mill Brewery, Hermann, Missouri.

What are the criteria for a great beer and pizza place? Well, for me, it’s pretty simple.

  • Great beer on tap (some microbrews are essential)
  • A pizza menu with a range of toppings from meat lovers to vegetarian (you never know what mood I’ll be in)
  • An atmosphere that begs people to get together and share stories
  • A little history to get the conversation going

And I found the perfect spot that combined them all in Hermann, Missouri.

Hermann, Missouri

Historic district in Hermann, Missouri.

Historic district in Hermann, Missouri.

When I visited Missouri, I never expected to find so many intriguing spots to visit that combined history with adventure. Suffice it to say that I was very pleasantly surprised!

Hermann, an historic little town with a population of around 2500 people, is nearly 200 years old. Early settlers hoped to create their own version of Utopia when they arrived — and worked hard towards achieving that goal. Indeed, the town has a National Historic District with 360+ buildings, structures, and objects. That’s a lot of history in a town with just over a thousand households (according to the 2010 Census)!

As you may guessed from the spelling of the town’s name, Hermann was established by German immigrants. Of course, if you’re looking for tasty beer, a German community is a great place to start your search.

Beer and Pizza at Tin Mill Brewery

Tin Mill Brewery, Hermann, Missouri.

Tin Mill Brewery, Hermann, Missouri.

The mill itself originally drew me to planning an evening at the Tin Mill Brewery — but the beer and pizza kept me for the night. However, even if you’re just driving through Hermann, the Tin Mill offers self-guided tours seven days a week.

If you’ve never been in a mill, they’re fascinating. Tin Mill Brewing’s original mill is still intact — with working parts. Even though the mill is a 100+ years old, there’s still a hint of grain dust when you walk through the milling area. Although I suppose it could have been my imagination too, as I could almost hear the creaking of the wheel turning to crush the grains into flour.

Historic mill at the Tin Mill Brewery, Hermann, Missouri.

Historic mill at the Tin Mill Brewery, Hermann, Missouri.

Best Beer and Pizza

But back to the beer and pizza!

Draft beers at the Tin Mill Brewery, Hermann, Missouri.

Draft beers at the Tin Mill Brewery, Hermann, Missouri.

One sure thing is that there’s great beer to taste while you’re waiting for your pizza to cook in the brick oven at Tin Mill. If you’ve never been to Germany and drank traditional brews, now’s your chance! Tin Mill uses imported German barley and hops, as well as following the German Purity Law. And they guarantee your beer has a balanced flavor by using the old world tradition of Krausening in their beer-making. Curious? Read more at Tin Mill’s website.

The flight I had included two seasonal beers, along with four favorites:

  • Skyscraper: Authentic German Pilsner beer with a mild, malt flavor and a crisp, clean finish.
  • Red Caboose: An amber lager that went down smoothly, with a nice balance of malt and hops.
  • 1st St. Wheat: Amazing combination of flavors of cloves, banana, and vanilla, in an unfiltered wheat beer.
  • Midnight Whistle: A smooth dark lager with a flavorful blend of malt and hops.

They also had a smooth cider that I really enjoyed!

Tables in the historic tasting room at Tin Mill Brewery.

Tables in the historic tasting room at Tin Mill Brewery.

And the pizzas? Well, with something for every taste, everyone in our group enjoyed the variety. I found the specials very tasty: Philly Cheese-steak as well as Chicken Bacon & Artichoke.

And of course, the atmosphere in the tasting room (above) was the perfect place to enjoy the traditional German beers. Try it yourself at an Oktoberfest event yet this fall any weekend in October.

Visit Tin Mill Brewery in Hermann, Missouri

Location: Tin Mill Brewing Company | First & Gutenberg, Hermann, Missouri

Below, you’ll find a map of Hermann, starting with the historic B & B where I stayed (Captain Wholt B & B), Hermann Wurst House where I shopped and had breakfast, the Historic Hermann Museum, and the Amtrak Station.


I visited Hermann on a trip hosted by  the State of Missouri for a week of traveling along the Katy Trail in Missouri–-it was amazing!  Beenders-Walker group organized the trip and took care of my needs along the way.

About the Photo

The photo in the header above is of the Tin Mill Brewery in Hermann, Missouri, USA.

Find out what people on TripAdvisor have to say about visiting Hermann!

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Tin Mill Brewery, Hermann, Missouri.

Tin Mill Brewery, Hermann, Missouri.

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