December 4 is National Cookie Day

Enjoy Some Cookies at Your Favorite Coffee Shop!

Celebrate National Cookie Day by visiting your favorite coffee shop and indulging! Whether you like soft cookies or hard ones to dunk, there’s nothing like the pick-me-up you get from combining these two morning favorites.

Coffee at Roots Cafe in Charlotte, NC - celebrate National Cookie Day

Coffee at Roots Cafe in Charlotte, NC

My Favorite Coffee Shop & Cookies

In August, I took a food tour of Charlotte, NC, with FEAST Food Tours & Culinary Events. Although every stop offered not only a new perspective of the area’s culinary history, Roots Cafe, and its homemade pastries, was one of my favorites.

While Roots is a new “kid on the block” with its premises, the owners were already popular in Charlotte due to their Roots Food Truck. Now, in a permanent location in the historic South End, they offer smooth espressos made with Enderly Coffee (from Charlotte), along with lunch and dinner menues.

And me? It was all about the cold 18-hour brew and those home-baked cookies!

You’ll find Roots Café at 2135 Southend Dr. Suite 109, in Charlotte, NC. Check out the menu at their website:

National Cookie Day

National Cookie Day has been around for at least forty years, since Sesame Street included it on their calendar. But of course, what special day could be more popular with the Cookie Monster than Cookie Day? Later on, in 1987, Matt Nader of the San Francisco-based Blue Chip Cookie Company is also credited with creating Cookie Day.

What’s Your Favorite Cookie Recipe?

I’ve always loved trying out new cookie recipes. In fact, my younger brothers could probably all tell you about some ribbon cookies I made that the chickens wouldn’t even eat, back on the farm. That disaster was more my fault than the recipe though, as I put in salt instead of sugar!

Here are some recipes that cooks I follow have shared on Twitter. Enjoy. If you try one, let us know how it turned out in the comments.

About the Photo

The photo of cookies in the header above was taken at Roots Cafe in Charlotte, NC.


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Roots Cafe in Charlotte, NC

Roots Cafe in Charlotte, NC

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Celebrate National Cookie Day December 4 at Your Favorite Coffee Shop

National Cookie Day has been around for at least forty years, since Sesame Street included it on their calendar. But of course, what special day could be more popular with the Cookie Monster than Cookie Day?

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