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Explore St. Lucia

Heart of the Caribbean Sea

Nestled within the heart of the Caribbean Sea, St Lucia is an often overlooked but amazing place to visit. Whether you choose to stay there for a day or two or rent a villa in St Lucia for a week or more, this guide should help you fill your days and teach you a little bit more about this amazing part of the world. With a population of around 180,000 and spanning about 240 square miles, there is a lot to see and do on the island

How To Get To St. Lucia

Dennery Bay, St. Lucia. Photo by Ian Mackenzie.

Dennery Bay, St. Lucia. Photo by Ian Mackenzie. Reused with a CC by 2.0 license.

While Saint Lucia can be accessed by boat, the quickest way to get there is by flying into Hewanorra International Airport. Services by airlines from the USA, UK, Canada, and Spain, it is usually the most convenient option for travel.

If you are entering St. Lucia from France, South America, Africa, or within the Caribbean, you will instead want to fly into the George F. L. Charles Airport, located on the other side of the island.

Where To Stay In St. Lucia

Marigot Bay on Saint Lucia. Photo from Pixabay.

Marigot Bay on Saint Lucia. Photo from Pixabay.

The entire island is mostly dependent upon tourists, making it easy to find lodging. Everything from all inclusive resorts to small hostels operate on the island. However, the best way to enjoy the island is usually to rent out a Villa as this provides more space, is generally better situated, and is going to give you more options in terms of food and events.

The areas of the island that attract the most attention are Vigie Beach, Pidgeon Island, Fond Doux, and Malgretoute, with Roseau, Corinth, and Pointe Sable coming in a close second. Hotels or villas near these areas will generally offer transport to important points around the rest of the island and are close enough to nature trails, beaches, and even sulfur springs to ensure complete and total relaxation for your entire visit.

What To Do In St. Lucia

Hiking by Connie. Reused under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

Hiking by Connie. Reused under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

One of the more popular activities on the island is actually hiking. There are a number of marked paths, but there are also tours led by experienced guides that leave early each morning. Hikes can last between one and six hours, and different areas of the island offer different experiences. Some hikes end with visits to the beautiful beaches that the area has to offer, while others start and end at your hotel room.

During the fall months, yachting and boat races are extremely popular, with locals offering rental boats to those who don’t have their own. Some people even offer the ability to stay on a house boat, fishing up your own meals, and enjoying a much more relaxing lifestyle.

Snorkeling, horseback riding along the beach, zip-lining, and hidden waterfalls offer fun for thrill seekers while local plays, dances, and markets offer a much sedate option for those who just want to kick back and enjoy themselves. Finally, wildlife viewing is popular on the island as several species of parrots and other birds have chosen to make it their home.

What To See In St. Lucia

Toraille Waterfall by Gary J. Wood. Reused with a CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

Toraille Waterfall by Gary J. Wood. Reused with a CC BY-SA 2.0 license.

Day cruises to Martinique, around the whole of the island, and even a pirate themed cruise to Soufriere  are popular attractions on the island. Each of these offer an amazing view of the island, let you experience the joy of the open sea, and are led by highly trained and knowledgeable staff. Many lines offer sunset party cruises, allowing you to watch the sun dip beneath the water, setting the entire ocean on fire for the better part of an hour.

If cruising isn’t your idea of fun, half day tours of the island include glimpses at hidden water falls, wildlife reserves, and even a trip to Pitons to view the volcano.

What To Eat In St. Lucia

Fresh figs for Paul McCoubrie. Reused with a CC BY-ND 2.0 license.

Fresh figs for Paul McCoubrie. Reused with a CC BY-ND 2.0 license.

Famous for their figs, the island actually has a number of amazing fruit markets and stores. In terms of filling food, curry, turnovers, meat wrapped in roti or flat bread, stews, and even freshly baked meats make up the majority of the food offerings. Many people find that the use of scotch bonnet peppers makes the food on the island quite hot, but there are also a number of less spicy offerings available.

In terms of unique experiences, people on the island can attend events like a Friday night fish fry or find meat cooked in underground pits at some of the more rural restaurants. Other experiences include freshly cut coconuts and restaurants themed after Caribbean pirates. Finally, as an island, St Lucia has access to amazing seafood and many people enjoy cheap lobster, oysters, and freshly caught tropical fish.

When To Go To St. Lucia

Rodney Bay beach at St. Lucia. Photo from Pixabay.

Rodney Bay beach at St. Lucia. Photo from Pixabay.

St Lucia is famous for a number of different festivals, such as Carnival, La Rose, and La Marguerite. In addition, a jazz festival is held on the island each year. These festivals are held in July, October, August, and May respectively, making those the high seasons on the island. However, if you are looking to go when the climate is at it’s best or for sporting events, the months of June, September, and November are extremely pleasant on the island and tend to lend themselves well to exploration, boating, and summer fun.

Overall, St Lucia is an amazing island paradise that offers much more temperate weather than many of the other Caribbean islands. The local culture tends to focus on the beauty of the island, the role of the ocean in everyday life, and friendly but amazing nighttime activities such as clubbing, fish fries, and more. A visit to the island is a great way to relax, and comes at a much lower price than some of the Caribbean islands.


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Marigot Bay on St. Lucia. Photo from Pixabay.

Marigot Bay on St. Lucia. Photo from Pixabay.

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