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Orlando, Florida

Each year more visitors spend time in the city of Orlando than live in all of England! And it’s no wonder with the many attractions that draw tourists — especially families — to visit the city that’s been named the top tourist destination in the US several years running.

What exactly do tourists come for? Check out this infographic, Orlando in Numbers, from this week’s travel planning partners, Ocean-Florida, to find out!

Infographic: Orlando in Numbers

Attribution: Ocean Florida Blog. Permission to reprint from

Attribution: Ocean Florida Blog. Permission to reprint from

A Little About the Orlando Behind the Numbers

Of course, Orlando wasn’t always a mecca of excitement for travelers. In fact, it started out as a dangerous part of the state due to conflict between the local Seminole people and settlers. Their fierce clashes continued right to the Treaty of 1842, even after nearby Fort Gatlin was built in 1838 to settle the situation down. Indeed, the Seminoles were still undefeated when they signed the treaty.

Orlando today. Photo reproduced from Pixabay under a CC0 Creative Commons license.