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Natural Hot Springs

Off the Beaten Path

People have been visiting hot springs for millennia. And with good reason! Hot springs are unlike any other experience to be had in nature.

Often caused by geothermal heat from subterranean volcanic activity, pools of naturally hot water are Mother Nature’s jacuzzi. These hot springs, thermal pools, mineral baths, spa therapy, fountains of youth — whatever you choose to call them — are valued in many parts of the world for their wellness benefits.

In fact, they’re the perfect way to disconnect and enjoy the gifts of nature.

Hot Springs in the Western United States

The geographic diversity of the states west of the Rocky Mountains means that this area is largely defined by its landscapes. As well, its unique geological location also provides an abundance of hot springs.

Ruby Valley Hot Springs in Nevada. Stock photo.

Ruby Valley Hot Springs in Nevada. Stock photo.

Springs are so popular that numerous resorts and spa facilities are built around these natural sources of mineral water. Many visitors say they literally melt your worries away. And, you’ll often find those hot springs set in obscure locations make for the best experiences.

Think pools nestled under a canopy of pine trees, perched above rushing rivers or set against the scenic backdrop of a snow capped mountain range. This might sound surreal, but the truth is they’re located all over the world. However, you don’t have to hunt far to find a variety of scenic thermal pools close by, in the Western U.S.

Many hot pools are off the beaten path, so to help people better locate these incredible springs, this hot spring infographic guide was compiled to break down best in the West. From Colorado to California, you can now “soak up” the magic each state has to offer!

Infographic Guide to Hot Springs in the Western US

Hot springs in the West

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About the Photo

The stock photo above is of a relaxing sunrise soak in the Travertine Hot Springs near Bridgeport, California.

About the Contributor

Keilah Keiser contributed this post and infographic.

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Travertine Hot Springs in California.

Ruby Valley Hot Springs, Nevada

Travertine Hot Springs, California

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