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As the capital of the United States, Washington, DC is many things, but balmy and bright are not always amongst them. Famed for its gray skies and inevitable rainfall, it doesn’t always offer the best weather for sightseeing, so it’s lucky there are so many indoor things to do in Washington to keep visitors occupied.

The perfect place to spend a wet and windy day, the city is filled to the brim with a host of all-weather activities, from museums to theaters to art galleries galore. So, want to know where to go when the heavens open? Then here are four ideas to add to your itinerary!

Visit the National Cathedral

National Cathedral in Washington, DC. Reused from Pixabay with a CC0 license.

National Cathedral in Washington, DC. Reused from Pixabay with a CC0 license.

As one of Washington’s foremost religious monuments, the National Cathedral is expectedly impressive. Featuring soaring gothic architecture, it has a whole host of beautiful details to admire, from its intricate wood carvings to its gruesome gargoyles and detailed mosaics.

The most decadent and ostentatious of them all are its 200 stained glass windows, with each panel featuring the most exquisite imagery. A true feast for the eyes, the cathedral can be explored in a number of ways, from partaking in a guided tour to discovering its delights at your own pace. Should you opt for the former, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to go, with a combined tea and tour available to any who are interested.

Stop at the National Air and Space Museum

Exhibit in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.

Exhibit in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. Photo by Linda Aksomitis.

As the capital of the United States, Washington prides itself on being a cultural centre, so it’s little surprise that its streets are lined with dozens of world-class museums, including one of the most popular in the world: The National Air and Space Museum.

A wonderland of aeronautic delights, the museum features an enormous collection of historic air and space crafts, with everything from World War I era planes all the way through to pieces associated with the first moon landing. Arranged so that they take you on the most exciting adventure through history, its fantastic exhibitions and fascinating artifacts will keep you occupied for hours.

Explore the Mansion on O Street

Mansion on O Street in Washington, DC

Mansion on O Street in Washington, DC. By BobIsTraveling. Reused from Flickr with a CC by 2.0 license.

Looking for something a little different to do? Then the Mansion on O Street is ideal. Built in 1892 by the architect of the Capitol, Edward Clark, it today functions as a luxury boutique hotel – one which you’re welcome to explore.

Noted for its eccentric interior styling, its brilliant design incorporates everything from hidden doors (70 in total) to secret passages and chambers in which all of the fixtures and fitting are up for sale. In amongst its maze-like marvels and 100 plus rooms, you’ll find the most incredible artwork interspersed, making it a true treat for the cultured and the quirky alike.

Take a Trip to Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds in Washington, DC.

Madame Tussauds in Washington, DC. Photo by Linda Aksomitis.

Last but not least, why not incorporate a trip to Madame Tussauds into your already overflowing itinerary? Offering a fascinating look back through history, this unique waxwork museum gives visitors the chance to see a whole host of famous faces – dead and alive – up close and personal.

Visit it to meet all 44 of the US presidents to date, from Lincoln to Bush to Obama, before rubbing elbows with everyone from Kim Kardashian through to cultural icons like Madonna and Elvis. A delight for kids and adults alike, this is a once in a lifetime experience you won’t want to miss out on.

The only question remaining is this: where will you choose to go first? 

Visit these Things to Do in Washington

You’ll find all of these attractions on the Google Map below to help you with planning your itinerary.


This article was written by Rachel Bell. Many of the photos and all of the pins for Pinterest were by Linda Aksomitis, as noted.

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