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Discover All That's Possible!

From its sweltering desert climate, to its incredible skyline of nearly 1000 high-rises, Dubai is a destination of extremes. And while being home to the world’s tallest building–Burj Khalifa–with its 161 floors, is neat, there’s so much more. As Dubai’s slogan,  Discover all That’s Possible, suggests, adventurers are in for some spectacular surprises.

Indeed, if you’re an adventurer looking for your next vacation, you might want to consider getting Dubai vacation packages that includes a myriad of activities to choose from.

Below, you’ll find five of the most exciting adventures in Dubai to add to your bucket list.

Desert Safari & Off-road Adventures

Camels in the desert.

Camels in the desert. Photo reused from Pixabay under a CC0 license.

Riding across the desert on a camel, camping in a luxury tent, and indulging in a variety of local food are some of the activities available in the desert safaris of Dubai. The ultimate Arabian experience, you may find the long nights (days are only 10 hours long from June through September, and shorter during the rest of the year) perfect for stargazing.

However, if you think that’s a little tame for an adventure, you might want to take the off-road approach to a safari and ride an all-terrain vehicle across the desert. Or, you could have a professional driver give you the ride of a lifetime as you vault and fly across the dunes on board a high-speed vehicle.

While the dunes are incredible to see wherever you are, Dubai’s 1600 meter long, Moreeb Dune, is one of the highest sand hills in the world. Indeed, this dune has a slope of 50 degrees and height of about 300 metres!

All terrain vehicles crossing the desert.

All terrain vehicles crossing the desert.

Whether you plan to explore the desert dunes on four feet or four wheels though, you’ll find summers are scorching hot but the least busy time to visit. Winter months, especially late November and early March, are the best compromise if you’re looking for fewer crowds and more moderate temperatures.

Take a Dip and Enjoy the Water Adventures

While water adventures may be the thing you least expect in the desert, Dubai is the home of some of the most amazing waterparks in the world. Some, like Wild Wadi and LEGOLand Waterpark, provide the perfect family day.

Others, like Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, take water adventure to the extreme. If you’ve ever wanted to take a waterslide through a shark-infested lagoon, here’s your chance with their Leap of Faith slide! Luckily, you’ll be in a clear acrylic tunnel, but chances are you’ll still feel an adrenaline rush on the 60-foot, almost-vertical drop.

Once you’re done the Leap of Faith, the ride down the world’s longest water slide, the Anaconda, will be a piece of cake. Interested?

Skydiving Across the City

If you want something a little more extreme, how about skydiving? You’ll get the panoramic view of the whole city as you fly above it and glide towards the land. You’ll get to see all of the manmade islands and their different shapes, from the Palm Jumeirah to the World Islands.

Dubai skyline.

Dubai skyline.

What you’ll see is an amazingly modern city with one of the world’s most captivating cityscapes. Just sixty years ago, Dubai was a small desert village, now it’s a thriving metropolis.

As you fly over, you’ll still see traditional souks and classic Arabian-style dwellings, as you follow the winding alleyways in Old Town. But as you reach the new parts, you’ll see wide intertwining highways that connect a city of hubs.

Known now for the creativity of its architecture, your view from above will show you everything from Dubai’s  Arabian wind towers or courtyard houses, to the enormous sail-shaped Burj Al Arab, to the indoor snow resort Ski Dubai, and of course, to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

And don’t worry, if you’re not the bravest in the world–you can always take a tandem dive to experience it all!

The Dubai Autodrome & The Ferrari World

For car enthusiasts there are two different experiences available that you’ll only find in the United Arab Emirates, which consists of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, and Fujairah. The Federation was created in 1971, and has brought growth and prosperity to the area.

Exterior of the Ferrari World at Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Exterior of the Ferrari World at Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The first experience, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, is a fantastic theme park with roller coasters, go-karts, simulators, live shows, and dozens of events.

Although it may seem like a typical theme park experience, the Ferrari brand is everywhere and related to most aspects of the park, from the rides that go to the speed of a race car to smaller attractions that teach you about the history of the Ferrari race cars.

The second is the Dubai Autodrome. If you want a pure race car experience, it has one of the largest race tracks in the world where you can buy a ticket and ride around the Autodrome with a race car.

You can even take your kids and have them run in the indoor karting tracks available for everyone.

Experience the Culture of Dubai

An adventure doesn’t have to be physically demanding to be exciting. For some, exploring unfamiliar cultures, learning about the past of a country, and enjoying the differences of people can be an excellent adventure, even more than a physical experience.

Dubai Museum.

Dubai Museum.

For those who prefer this type of adventure, you’ll find that Dubai has plenty of activities and locations to learn about their rich culture from the time of the Bedouins to modern day. There’s a large variety of places you can explore, from museums and mosques to street markets and historical sites.

Dubai Museum, which was built inside the Al Fahidi Fort (dating back to 1787) is a great place to start. The Etihad Museum, on the other hand, is its newest, and provides the history of the United Arab Emirates. In fact, it’s situated on the very spot where the country was founded in 1971.

However, you look at it, from museums to dining, Dubai’s cultural experiences are diverse!

Go on an Adventure in Dubai

So, on your next vacation, Discover All That’s Possible, with Dubai vacation packages and experience the wonders of Dubai.


This article is by freelance writer, Lauren.

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