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Australia is somewhat famous for having a low population density, and many of its islands and parts of the outback are uninhabited. This has been long discovered as a great opportunity for building golf courses, which made Australia one of the most tempting destinations for countless golfers worldwide. Nowadays there are over 1,800 golf courses, and in this article, we wanted to present five that, in our humble opinion, offer something more to your golfing experience. So, if Australia is your next sporting location – keep on reading.

Rosebud Country Club

Sorrento Ocean Beach on Mornington Peninsula in Australia.

Sorrento Ocean Beach on Mornington Peninsula in Australia. Photo by brittany gaiser on Unsplash

Located on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, Rosebud Country Club boasts many natural and man-made benefits. When it comes to the course itself, it holds two 18-hole courses with a unique experience. Pine trees line the North course, while large greenery and broad fairways are located on the South course.

And concerning the “man-made” features, Rosebud Country Club ensures that beginners get the most of their stay, with a practice range and a bunker to perfect their game before taking on the actual course. Instructors are also extremely skilled and there single, group and junior lessons. The Rosebud clubhouse offers an impressive list of membership options, among which a unique point-based membership model stands out as a favourite among guests. It also offers its space for wedding receptions, anniversaries, networking and conferences alike.

Who is it suitable for: Definitely for those who treat golfing as a way of life. The Rosebud Country Club is at least a five-day experience, offering to maximize the enjoyment in all aspects during your stay.

Hamilton Island

Golf carts or buggies on Hamilton Island, Australia which are the only means of transport on this island resort. Reused under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License from Free Aussie Stock.

Golf carts or buggies on Hamilton Island, Australia which are the only means of transport on this island resort. Reused under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License from Free Aussie Stock.

The Hamilton Island golf course is an 18-hole, par 71 wonders of a course, sprawling across the valleys and slopes of Dent Island. It takes a ferry or a boat to get there and has gorgeous views on all tees. Known as a challenging course, the island offers many natural obstacles in the form of strong winds, the unforgiving sun, and the thick underbrush.

However, since all 18 holes are located quite far apart across the island, which gives way to relaxing buggy rides as you look around the incredible shoreline and the radiant blue waters. Many players can vouch for the hospitality and a great service the clubhouse provides, complete with a spa, equipment shop, accommodations and much more.

Who is it suitable for: Pros and novices alike. It provides a great experience for those who wish to learn or perfect their skill.

Nullarbor Links

Hole 4: Wombat Hole" of the Nullarbor Links golf course

Hole 4: Wombat Hole” of the Nullarbor Links golf course. Bahnfrend [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

While not the most extravagant golf course on our list, it’s one that definitely deserves its place: Nullarbor Links, the longest golf course in the world. It’s an 18-hole par 72 course that takes three to four days to complete and spans over whopping 1,365 kilometres along the Eyre Highway in the south of Australia.

The designer, Alf Caputo, intended to make a peaceful, quiet course that contrasts all the other ones, made for those who want a marathon-like feel. It perfectly reflects the Australian outback, with its red soil, and harsh, dry land that actually comes off as rich and beautiful. In its impressive simplicity, it plays on its uniqueness, drawing in countless golfers around the world. Nullarbor Links is a love letter to Australia, and it clearly shows.

While there are no extravagant spas and venues, the course runs past numerous motels and stations with the same “outback” atmosphere, and friendly locals and small business owners. Additionally, upon reaching the end of the course, golfers can earn an achievement for completing the world’s longest course.

Who is it suitable for: Best suited seasoned players, as it can prove to be quite taxing. By the time you visit this course, it’s best to perfect your golf swing, to be able to enjoy the journey itself without frustration. The isolation provides for a meditative, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those who want to go back to the basics of the sport.

Wembley Golf Course

City park in Perth, Australia.

City park in Perth, Australia.

The third course on our list is just a short drive away from Perth’s Central Business District, quite close to the beach, and it just as well might be the busiest golf course in the country. It has two 18-hole courses: The Old Course, going through the Tuart forest with an impressive bushland, and the Tuart Course with a rich waterway, infamous for requiring a steady hand and good accuracy.

Its Driving Course and thirteen instructors are a great practice opportunity for beginners. And knowing that the Wembley owners invested around $30 million into the improvements to the course, then you know they’re taking their guests’ feedback and satisfaction seriously. It also boasts a hospitable venue for rent, the Ambrose Estate, and a locally owned bar and restaurant 300 Acres, along with numerous shops.

Who is it suitable for: To quote Wembley’s general manager Josh Madden: ”The Town of Cambridge has built a facility that offers something to everyone and recognises that golf is challenged, not by just other sports but other options that are competing for our time. The public consumer is looking for more than an 18-hole golf course and Wembley is keeping pace with the changing golfing landscape.”

Ocean Dunes

Currie Harbour, King Island, Australia.

Currie Harbour, King Island, Australia. Photographer: Karl Barnfather at English Wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

The last but not the least, Ocean Dunes, is a King Island gem, only recently opened for golfing enthusiasts. Located in the middle of the Bass Strait, in the past two years, since it’s opening, Ocean Dunes became a bucket list destination for golfers with moxy, and a desire to play on unforgiving courses in the most remote parts of the world. Ocean Dunes sprawls along the coastline, so the ocean never leaves your sight, and the fickle weather conditions dictate your play immensely.

Who is it suitable for: Experienced players only. It is an interesting, yet extremely challenging route that puts your golfing skills to the ultimate test.

To sum up

Since we’ve reached the end of our list, it’s important to repeat that Australia offers such a huge number of courses, choosing only five was almost impossible. That being said, we do believe we’ve singled out a few that offer something different when compared to the courses we’ve grown accustomed to. If you’re intent on a peculiar, once-in-a-lifetime golfing experience, then one of these five Australian courses could be a perfect match for you.


About the Author: Hannah Thomas is an Australian freelance writer who is a gardening and travel enthusiast.

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About the Author

Hannah Thomas is an Australian freelance writer.

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Play golf on these 5 golf courses in Australia.

Play golf on these 5 golf courses in Australia.

Play golf on these 5 golf courses in Australia.

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