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Some adventures seem surreal — especially adventures like this one, floating down the Menanggul River to Pitas Lake, before the sun burned through the humid morning mist. A small tributary of the Kinabatangan, the Menanggul is renowned for its wildlife populations of proboscis monkeys, long-tailed macaques and wild orang-utans.

And I was out watching the wildlife.

Floating Down the Menanggul

Visitors coming onto the Menanggul River

Mist shrouded the jungle, amplifying the sounds like concert speakers.  It was easy to miss the stealthy crocodile gliding soundlessly under the water. Only bubbles alongside the canoe give him away.

Eric, our guide, appeared unconcerned when I pointed them out. However, he was familiar with this area–Abai Jungle Resort on the Kinabatangan River, some 47 km from the river’s mouth. This morning, we’d floated down one of its tributaries, the Menanggul River, to Pitas Lake.

Taking a second glance at the bubbles, Eric gestured to Kerry, who drove our boat. Then, we moved a few yards downstream.