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Are you planning for a tour around San Francisco? is among the best platforms for users to book a bus to take them from one place to another in San Francisco at affordable rates. San Francisco is the home of craft beers, and the Bay Area boasts of some of the best craft breweries in the entire country with over 100 breweries dotted around the area. Whether you’re planning a tour of the city’s craft beer breweries with a bunch of friends or colleagues from work, has got you covered with minibus transport.

No tour is complete without seeing these "painted ladies" - original Victorian and Edwardian homes around San Francisco.

No driving tour is complete without seeing these “painted ladies” – original Victorian and Edwardian homes around San Francisco.

One of the perks of renting a minibus from is that you get to enjoy all the beer you can without having to worry about how you’ll get home or being the designated driver. The following are more reasons why you’ve got to love

Choose Transportation offers San Francisco coach bus or minibus rental transport to accommodate to the needs of its clients. They provide a range of rental options such as one-way, roundtrip (that also allows you to add stops along the way), and charter. The prices are very affordable, too, and will all depend on the type of transport you book, the date of your trip, the trip’s total mileage, the availability of buses in San Francisco, and the driver’s working hours. If you’re up for it, you can also choose not to get a driver, but for sure, no one would like the drain of having to miss out on the good brews and suds when they’re the designated driver.

The Aquatic Park Historic District on the San Francisco Bay is just one of the beautiful historic areas you may see on a driving tour through the Bay Area.

The Aquatic Park Historic District on the San Francisco Bay is just one of the beautiful historic areas you may see on a driving tour through the Bay Area.

You can choose to rent the different modes of transport depending on the size of the group. A minibus that could seat approximately 55 passengers starts at $115 an hour; a 22-seater, $98 per hour; and a 32-seater would set you back around $475 to $900 per day. All these modes of transport come equipped with adequate storage space, an AC to cool you during the hot LA summer, an AUX cord to make sure your favorite tunes are kept playing, and extra amenities while you sit back and enjoy the trip.

Map your watering hole sites

The San Francisco Bay area

From this spot in the San Francisco Bay area, near the Cruise port, you can even see the famous prison, Alcatraz (open 1934 – 1963).

Your first stop can be to go to the Almanac Beer Company, which is over 30,000 square feet big and features a beer garden that overlooks the bay area as well as an indoor beer hall and food trucks. The Almanac Beer Co. is known for its use of fresh fruits that are locally sourced from family-run farms, their farm-to-barrel brewing methods, and their Saison beers. Another stop on the way would be the Seven Stills brewery that is well known for its fresh beer as well as their whisky that is distilled from it. The brewery also has live DJs and comedy nights that add to the whole experience of experimenting and tasting the different beers.


The Rare Barrel is also famous for its sour beers that are very smooth to the taste. They have a taproom where the menu is always changing and barrels of beer that have been aged for 9 – 12 months in oak barrels to achieve the taste.

Final Thoughts

Drive around San Francisco with beautiful homes, green spaces, and gardens.

Drive around San Francisco with beautiful homes, green spaces, and gardens.

As you can tell, you have a variety of modes of minibus transport rentals to choose from, and several stops that exhibit a wide range of beer brew and brewing methods. To make sure that you don’t get left behind on this great opportunity to tour San Francisco’s crafted beer breweries, make sure to book in advance and choose the option that best suits your group. 


This article was written by travel blogger, Lauren. All opinions expressed are those of the author.

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The photo in the header, along with the other photos in this article, were taken by Linda Aksomitis, in San Francisco, California, USA.

The article was written by travel blogger, Lauren. All opinions expressed are those of the author.

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