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The past few years have transformed Lombok, the Indonesian secret heaven, greatly. This island is brimming with marvel-worthy scenic wonders, an abundance of wildlife and flora, and is a gateway to thrill-seeking sports and most importantly, a quieter alternate to the buzzing Bali.

Where is Lombok Island?

Lombok Island - the Indonesian secret

Lombok Island – the Indonesian secret

Lombok is an island in West Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia. The Indonesian Government has made Lombok a part of the top 10 priority tourism zones to boost tourism in Lombok as it has great potential that has been unleashed in the past two decades. With the most famous active volcano site in the world, a well-preserved culture, festivals and beaches that have been untouched by population and urbanism, Lombok is rising as the star of the show.

A boost of infrastructural changes, encouragement of investment, hosting world-class races and an all new AirAsia hub is set to bring a steady influx of tourists from all around the world to Lombok.

Should You Choose Bali or Lombok Island?

Visiting Lombok Island

All about Lombok Island.

Decades ago, people flocked to Bali, drawn by the promise of sensational beaches, heritage, a break from the concrete jungle of the world and the chance to reconnect with nature. The rise of modernization paved path for ultra-luxurious resorts and swanky hotels that multiplied in number with every passing year as crowds booked flights to Bali to escape from the ordinary.

Today, Bali is still the place where party and nature go hand in hand, but more and more people are seeking for quieter, more secluded options to unwind from their daily lives. Lombok property market, became the perfect answer with its virgin white-sand islands, crystal clear shimmering waters and an abundance of adventurous sports that will never let you get enough of this equally stunning island.

Go Diving or Visit A Pearl Farm

Try diving on Lombok Island.

Try diving on Lombok Island.

If you enjoy diving, Lombok is the perfect vacation destination! However, if you’re not quite so adventurous, try visiting a pearl farm instead.

Fancy a pearl? We guarantee that you will not want to miss the chance of witnessing the process of culturing a South Sea pearl! Head over to the north coast of Lombok to visit a pearl farm where you can learn all about the almost surgical precision with which a team of friendly guides show you how to extract a pearl without harming the oyster when done carefully. No, it does not harm the oyster, as is contrary to the popular belief.

Go Surfing or Just Stand in the Mist of Waterfalls

Lombok has amazing surfing competitions

Grab your board and hit the water in Lombok! It’s the surf destination of choice for Rip Curl’s World Tour as well as Asia’s surf championships.

When you tire of surfing, take a relaxation break and check out the River of Gods, the goose-bump inducing name given to the visit the holy temple of Suranadi. This beautiful temple is situated in the Suranadi Natural Park that hosts the dazzling Benang Kelambu Waterfall surrounded by lush green forests. It’s a piece of paradise that will steal your breath away.

Water Rafting in Lombok

Rafting adventures on Lombok Island

Rafting adventures on Lombok Island

Calling all adventure lovers! Did we mention that along with paragliding, surfing and snorkeling, Lombok is also the perfect place for water rafting? Experience the ultimate surge of an adrenaline rush as you water raft in Lombok during the best time in the wet season before November.

Are you a beginner or a first timer? Not to worry! Professionals will give you extensive training at the starting time with a focus on water safety. Brave through the jungles and fight the water currents as you experience the trip of a lifetime-only in Lombok.

More Things To Do In Lombok

Enjoy some extreme sports paragliding
Try some extreme motorsports motocross

Hike to the Mount Rinjani volcano or UNESCO Geopark


About the Author & Infographic Creators

Dea Yolia Tulak is originally from Toraja, Sulawesi, Indonesia, and has been living in Gili Trawangan Lombok, Indonesia for a number of years. She attended law school in Mataram, Lombok. She has a son and a daughter, and works for a property real estate company based in Hongkong and Lombok. The infographic and images in this article were created by the Team at Invest Islands in Lombok.

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About the Photo & Author

The photo in the header above is of Torok Bay, South Lombok, Indonesia. The infographic and images in this article were created by the Team at Invest Islands in Lombok. Article text is by Dea Yolia Tulak. 

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Lombok Island, undiscovered paradise in Indonesia, is waiting for you!

Lombok Island, undiscovered paradise in Indonesia, is waiting for you!

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