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If you’re looking for a country that’s fascinating to travel to, then Gold Coast, Australia, should be on top of your list.

There are several locations all over Australia worth visiting, and one of them is the Gold Coast.

Originally called the South Coast, Gold Coast, Queensland, is a coastal city that has a sunny climate. It’s the second-largest city in the state of Queensland and the sixth-largest city in Australia. The place is best known for its beaches and is a hub of surfing and other water-based activities.

However, there are other attractions that you can see and enjoy on the Gold Coast. Whether it’s your first time or are looking to do something to pass the time by while you’re in the area, here are ten must-visit attractions that you should go to in Gold Coast:

Sea World

Gold Coast of Australia.

Gold Coast of Australia. Image by Zombaba from Pixabay

Since you’re in a coastal area, you might as well get into seeing water-based exhibits around the place, which is what Sea World can give you.

If you’re bringing your luggage with you, you can store your items in safe lockers available on the site. That way, you can fully enjoy your time around Sea World without lugging around your bags with you. Just be aware of their accepted carry-on dimensions to see if yours can fit the size of the lockers on offer.

Meanwhile, remember to bring all of your valuables with you.

Another pro to going to Seaworld is that if you’re with kids, they can also appreciate the trip there. There are several rides, activities, and animal-based events and shows that you can enjoy in Sea World.

Not only is the trip enjoyable, but it can also be quite educational.

Gold Coast Rock Pool Swimming Currumbin

Currumbin on the Australia Gold Coast.

Currumbin on the Australia Gold Coast.
Image by Zombaba from Pixabay

There are a lot of nature spots all over the Gold Coast that you can enjoy. If you want to avoid the crowds by the beaches, you can instead cruise over to the Currumbin Rock Pools in the early mornings.

You can also try staying at the Currumbin Beach, but you can drive out for 15 minutes more and head into the Currumbin Valley to reach the Rock Pools.

The rock pools are fantastic during the summer since the waters are quite cold because the waters are coming from the mountain spring. The pools have differing depths, so make sure to check before bringing kids or pets on leashes with you.

It’s a lovely Gold Coast sight to see and an experience to behold, surrounded by trees and hearing the splash from the Currumbin waterfall. This stop is the best for nature lovers.

SkyPoint Observation Deck

SkyPoint Observation Deck, Surfers Paradise, Australia

SkyPoint Observation Deck, Surfers Paradise, Australia. Photo by Ran Gu on Unsplash.

If you’re looking for a unique view of the beautiful coastal city that you’re in, then you should want to go to the SkyPoint Observation Deck.

The SkyPoint Observation Deck is atop the Q1 skyscraper, which is one of the tallest residential buildings in the world. The deck itself is on the 77th floor of the building.

The Deck has different types of ticket options available. You can have a one-day to a multi-day ticket. There is also a ticket option where you can dine with a fantastic view on the deck.

Depending on your availability and preference, you can choose a different ticket option for you.

Gold Coast Surfers Paradise Beach

Surfers Paradise QLD, Australia

Surfers Paradise QLD, Australia. Photo by Katie Jowett on Unsplash.

Gold Coast is best known for its beaches and the subtropical climate. Therefore, it makes sense that one of the must-visit attractions in the area is the Surfers Paradise Beach.

If you’re looking for a reliable beach trip, then going to the Gold Coast’s Surfers Paradise Beach is a solid choice. You can go here to surf or lounge around under the sun with family and friends.

You don’t have to go to the sandy shores to enjoy the beach. You can take a lovely stroll along the boardwalk if you’re not in the mood to get the full beach experience. It’s also a good idea if you want to get a piece of the sun and the sea.

You can relax around the cafes and restaurants in the area, as well


Tigers on Tiger Island at Dreamworld in Gold Coast, Australia.

Dreamworld does conservation work with DWF, protecting the tiger species on Tiger Island.

Aside from the beach life, the Gold Coast is also known for its theme parks. The most prominent theme park in the city is Dreamworld.

If you don’t know what to do while you’re in the Gold Coast, you can’t go wrong with devoting a day or two in Dreamworld, especially is you also plan on including a trip to the Whitewater World.

Kids will especially enjoy this trip because Dreamworld provides the DreamWorks experience as well as ABC Kids World.

Snapper Rocks

Surfing at Snapper Rocks.

Surfing at Snapper Rocks. Photo by Barbara Rezende on Unsplash.

For a lot of avid surfers out there, one of the best places to surf in would be the Snapper Rocks on Gold Coast.

This area is now known for having one of the best waves for surfing. You can encounter long and hollow waves consistently if you go surfing in the Snapper Rocks, which may be the reason why the nearby Superbank is the host of the yearly World Surf Leagues’ Quiksilver.

Gold Coast Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Gray kuala bear at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Gray kuala bear at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Photo by Miram Oh on Unsplash.

The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is another great attraction for nature-lovers, as well as those who are in support of indigenous culture preservation.

The Sanctuary has several conservation projects to help save different wildlife from extinction.

For an exciting look into Australian wildlife, consider making a stop at the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

Springbrook National Park

Gold Coast Waterfall in Springbrook National Park, Springbrook, Australia.

Waterfall in Springbrook National Park, Springbrook, Australia. Photo by Sebastian Hans on Unsplash.

One of the best places to go to in the Gold Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place is called the Springbrook National Park.

Going on a hike around the National Park is worth it if you want to see the beautiful sights around the park. You can look at the map and plan out your hike, depending on how long you plan on hiking.

Some of the sites that you should want to see would be the Purling Brook Falls, the Natural Bridge, the Twin Falls, and more.

Warner Bros Movie World

Another theme park that you should go to would be the Warner Bros. Movie World. There are plenty of roller coasters and other interactive rides worth taking in Movie World.

You can enjoy the theme park while you’re in the company of a variety of Looney Tunes characters. If it interests you, you can also view some stunt shows.

Coolangatta Beach

156 Marine Parade, Coolangatta QLD 4225, Australia, Coolangatta.

156 Marine Parade, Coolangatta QLD 4225, Australia, Coolangatta. Photo by Veri F. on Unsplash.

Coolangatta Beach is another seaside spot that you can enjoy and is a lot less crowded than the Surfers Paradise Beach. Plus, if you’re a surfer, it’s a lot nearer to the Snapper Rocks.

Coolangatta Beach is the best place for a walk. So if you can, consider spending a sunset walk on this beach.

The Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, is a beautiful place for nature lovers, surfers, theme park fans, and more. If you are planning on making a trip out to this gorgeous city, then you should definitely check out the ten attractions listed above. Whether you’re traveling by yourself or with friends and family, there’s bound to be something in this list that you can enjoy.

About the Author

Geraldine Mills is a self-confessed wanderlust from the land down under, Australia! She funds her adventures by working as a brand consultant and as a travel writer. She loves sharing the allure of backpacking and being one with nature.

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About the Photo

The photo in the header above was taken at the base of Purlingbrook waterfall in Springbrook National Park in the Gold Coast hinterland of Queensland, Australia. They’re located in the UNESCO World Heritage–listed Gondwana Rainforests in the South East region of Queensland, Australia. Photo credit to Crbellette portfolio.

About the Author

Geraldine Mills is a brand consultant and travel writer from Australia. 

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