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Nothing pushes your boundaries like a trekking expedition to the Himalayas. Nothing else fills you with more passion and a greater appreciation for life. And nothing else provides you with views and experiences that only a select few are lucky enough to enjoy.

Later, on your more challenging days, you’re bound to think back on your trek and think to yourself that if you could achieve something that seemed so impossible back then, you can get through whatever you’re facing now as well.

We all have a friend we know personally, or virtually, who can’t stop raving about their trekking expedition to the Himalayas. And from the pictures and stories, it does indeed seem like they’ve had the time of their lives.

Indeed, the very idea of going away on a trekking adventure seems tantalizing to no end. It’s immensely sad that so many people who love and enjoy traveling have never been trekking, because a trek is like unlocking a whole new world altogether.

Here are the best beginner treks to get you started on a lifetime of adventure.

Nag Tibba Trek

A comparatively less explored, yet one of the most amazing trekking routes near Dehradun and Mussoorie,