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Traveling offers plenty of benefits, both physical and mental, to improve yourself overall. However, there are some amazing hiking adventures you can add to your travel itinerary that are sure to provide you with the best of both. And if you’re looking for variety, hiking trails in Australia offer different views and difficulties from easy to extreme.

On that note, here are ten of Western Australia’s most spectacular trails that you should know:

Cape to Cape Track, Margaret River

Margaret River in Australia.

Margaret River in Australia. Photo by Eloise Shakespeare on Unsplash.

When talking about hiking trails in Australia, you have to know their grading system. The grade level of a path lets you know whether you have enough experience to handle the trail.

For the Cape to Cape Track in Margaret River of Western Australia, you should expect a difficulty of Grade 4. This grade means that you need to be an experienced bushwalker (a.k.a. hiker or backpacker) for this track.

The Cape to Cape Track runs for about 123 km or almost 77 miles. If you want a challenging hike, this is the track to try. This coastal hiking trail in Western Australia will take you about five to eight days to complete, so you need to be fully-equipped from your hiking poles to your camping gear.

Bluff Knoll, Stirling Range National Park

Stirling Range National Park, Australia

Stirling Range National Park, Australia. Photo by Michael Milverton on Unsplash.

Another Grade 4 hike in Western Australia is in the Stirling Range National Park, and that is the Bluff Knoll hike. It has the highest peak in the south-west region of Australia, standing at 1,098 meters above sea level.

Since this is a hike with a generous number of inclines, you need to be of moderate fitness to manage this hike well. It will take you around four hours to complete the hike that is almost seven kilometers long. After all, there are several things you need to see along your walk.

You can look at wildflowers in the area, from the scarlet Banksia to the Queen Sherba of Orchid. To avoid stepping on some of these wildflowers, though, try and stick to the trail as much as possible.

Bibbulmun Track, Walpole to Peaceful Bay

The Bibbulmun Track is one of the world’s long-distance tracks as it ranges for over a thousand kilometers or more than 621 miles.

A lot of people who are looking for a challenge try and take on this extensive track. However, if you don’t want to do the whole route, you can stick to specific sections of this hiking trail instead. There are different sections available. One that you should try would be the Walpole to Peaceful Bay route, which will be around 61 km or 38 miles.

The track will only take you three to four days, which is short compared to the entirety of the Bibbulmun Track. You can get some accommodations throughout the track and take the time to enjoy the Peaceful Bay while you’re there.

Mount Nameless Hiking Trail, Tom Price

hiking trails in Australia - Tom Price

Tom Price, Australia. Photo by Amanda Klamrowski on Unsplash.

The Mount Nameless Hiking Trail in the Tom Price mining town stands at 1,128 meters above sea level.

If you have already hiked Mount Nameless but miss the views of the Hamersley Ranges, you can go up this mountain with ease using a four-wheel drive. However, it would be best if you try to hike up it to get the full experience.

It’s still a Grade 4 hike, so it’s a challenge for novice hikers even though the walk is only four and a half kilometers or almost three miles. Overall, a round trip is going to take you three hours to finish.

Bigurda Trail, Kalbarri

Kalbarri, Australia.

Kalbarri, Australia. Image by Marie Halter from Pixabay.

In the Kalbarri National Park is the Bigurda Trail, which is a Grade 3 bush walk, so it’s more manageable than others on the list.

It’s another coastal hiking trail that’s a part of Australia’s Coral Coast. Still, this particular trail is a one-way hike.

You start at the Eagle Gorge, and you end up at the Natural Bridge. This trek will take you an average of five or more hours to finish the eight-kilometer Bigurda Trail.

If you’re going to hike with your family, this is the best place to take them with you for a hike.

Nancy Peak, Porongurup National Park

Granite Skywalk/Castle Rock, Porongurup National Park, Western Australia, Australia.

Granite Skywalk/Castle Rock, Porongurup National Park, Western Australia, Australia. Dhx1 / CC0.

The Nancy Peak is in the Porongurup National Park, and it’s going to take you two to three hours to finish this one of the hiking trails in Western Australia.

With this five and a half kilometer circuit hike, you can get a decent view of the Porongurup Ranges. And you should expect to see pictures of the karri forest around you, as well as moss-covered boulders.

Just remember that when you’re climbing down Nancy Peak back to where you started, make sure to bring your hiking poles and boots with you. It can be quite steep, so you need to be careful with how you tread on the way back.

Eagle View Trail

You can find that a lot of these hiking trails in Australia are in national parks. The same applies to the Eagle View Trail, which is located in the John Forrest National Park.

The Eagle View Trail is another circuit trail, and it’s 15 km long. It also has difficulty in Grade 3, and finishing the entire trail can take you from three hours to a whole day.

The reason it’s called the Eagle View Trail is that you can find the wedge-tailed eagle in the area, so if you hike there, try and be on the lookout.

Summit Trail, Mt. Augustus National Park

The Summit Trail is a Grade 5 hike, so this trail is only for those very experienced hikers or bushwalkers. This trail is in the Mount Augustus National Park, which is home to the world’s most massive rock.

The trail is about 12 kilometers, and it can take you an entire day to finish the hike. Atop the Mount Augustus, though, you’ll be able to enjoy a view of the shrub land and the red sand plains around you.

Just ensure that you check whether the trail is open since it can cancel entry for people during specific weather conditions.

Camel Trail, Chichester Ranges

hiking trails in Australia - Chichester Range.

Chichester Range. TerryT2 / CC BY-SA.

The Camel Trail is in the Chichester Ranges, and it’s a Grade 3 hike that will take you almost the whole day to finish the eight-kilometer trail.

It feels a lot more isolated than other hiking trails, but that’s going to make you feel like you’re deep in the Australian wilderness.

In fact, the best time to hike this trail would be in the early mornings to see the sun’s effect on the colors of the landscape.

Cape Le Grand Coastal Track

Cape le Grand National Park in Western Australia.

Cape le Grand National Park in Western Australia. Image by GrahameReadwin from Pixabay.

Another long coastal trail in Western Australia that you can try and challenge yourself with is the Cape Le Grand Coastal Track. The entire track is about 20 km and can take you multiple days to complete.

Although you can take sections of it instead of the whole route, if you want a unique experience, it’s worth it to try the entire track.

Western Australia offers a lot of fantastic trails worth exploring. Although these hiking trails in Australia often are challenging, they have sights to behold that are worth the hard work. If you’re looking for hiking trails to try in the future, consider adding these ten trails to your hiking bucket list.

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Geraldine Mills is a self-confessed wanderlust from the land down under, Australia! She funds her adventures by working as a brand consultant and as a travel writer. She loves sharing the allure of backpacking and being one with nature.

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About the Author

Geraldine Mills is a brand consultant and travel writer from Australia.

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