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Scotland is home to some of the most beautiful castles and epic landscapes in the world. And these are all served up by warm and charming locals to make visitors feel like they are in their magical home. If you have been planning to go for a road trip to the UK, Scotland should be the choice on your list.

Scotland is a diverse country with some of the best islands to explore together with epic hikes in places such as the Scottish Highlands. Honestly, Scotland is much more than I can describe here. It’s full of incredible towns and cities. And since I live here, I’m proud to have the opportunity to know Scotland. Here are seven magnificent towns that you should visit especially during a road trip. Let’s get started!

1. Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle historic fortress with parts dating from 12th century.

Edinburgh Castle historic fortress with parts dating from the 12th century. Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay.

According to the essay writers, the capital city of Scotland is one of the best places to spend a long weekend or rest after a long road trip. It’s home to a multitude of historic sights, castles and hiking spots.

You can stroll through the Old Town in the evening and some of the best meals prepared using local Scottish ingredients. If you want to have a picnic on a lazy Sunday, the Meadows is the best place to chill out and relax. There are a lot of fun activities that you can do in Edinburgh all day long.

2. Falkirk

The Kelpies are 30-metre-high horse-head sculptures depicting kelpies or shape-shifting water spirits.

The Kelpies, or or shape-shifting water spirits, are represented in these 30-metre-high horse-head sculptures. Image by JulieCrous from Pixabay

Take a walk around Falkirk to see some of the most impressive works of art in Scotland. As you walk around, you’ll see two huge horse heads that were commissioned as the meeting point for more than sixteen communities. You should also remember to try out a few deep-fried Mars bars to get more energy.

3. Perth

Perth, Scotland, on bank of River Tay.

Perth, Scotland, on bank of River Tay. Ingo Mehling / CC BY-SA.

If you have enough time, spend your entire afternoon exploring the history of Perth. Perth is filled with some of the best sights in Scotland. You will leave this town a happy traveller.

You should take a trip to Elcho Castle and Scone Palace to explore Scotland’s history and royal heritage. You might be lucky enough to find your better half. Or something to laugh about the Scottish accent. Perth is not far from Edinburgh. All you need to do is hop on a train. And in a few minutes, you’ll be here.

4. Dundee

Boat in a harbor in Dundee, Scotland.

Boat in a harbor in Dundee, Scotland. Image by Mariusz Matuszewski from Pixabay.

Dundee is one of the best cities in Scotland that you should visit during your road trip. Once you arrive, make an effort to explore the V&A Dundee together with the newly constructed waterfront. Afterwards, take a 30-minute drive to Carnoustie and enjoy the sceneries. Dundee is home to the second-best golf course in Scotland. If you’ll want to head to the coast, remember to visit the famous Glamis Castle.

5. Fort William

Caledonian Canal in Fort William, Scotland.

Caledonian Canal in Fort William, Scotland. Image by Bill Kasman from Pixabay.

According to college papers service, you don’t need an invite from Prince William to see his beautiful fort or visit this small town. Fort William is the ideal destination for outdoor lovers and explorers. It is one of the best places to explore the Highlands. It’s beautiful mountains and sceneries have inspired many writers and poets. And this is perhaps one of the best destinations to get lost in nature.

This town is a great place to visit in Scotland particularly if you’ve been planning to hike in the Highlands.

6. Anstruther

Anstruther, Scotland.

Anstruther, Scotland. Image by johnmcgrevey from Pixabay.

Anstruther hosts some of the best things in the entire UK. The best fish and chip shop win a lot of awards. Therefore, if you try chips and fish, don’t forget to bring back some to your loved ones. They are going to appreciate it.

Anstruther is a tiny fishing village located in the Kingdom of Fife which is about an hour from Edinburgh. You can also take a boat when you arrive and visit the Isle of May to see the cute but elusive puffins. It’s one of the best towns to visit in Scotland.

7. Glasgow

Street painting in Glasgow, Scotland.

Street painting in Glasgow, Scotland. Image by tarid_arm from Pixabay.

Glasgow is similar to Edinburgh in many ways because there are lots of fun things for you to do. Once you arrive, you should take a walk around Pollock House, Burrell Collection, and find out more about the Santa Dash that takes place every year on 8th December without fail. It is one of the biggest cities in Scotland with so much to offer.


If you’ve been looking for a weekend break or vacation full of amazing cultural experiences, historical attractions, and other fun activities, Scotland is the best place for you. It is a relatively small country in the UK with a population that’s just over 5 million. If you are interested in world-class events, visit Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital.

Glasgow is also home to some of the best museums and art galleries in the UK. Upon your arrival, you’ll be warmly welcomed by the charming locals who are always ready to help. Scotland is a beautiful country and I love it so much. All avid travellers should visit it at least once in their lifetime. All amazing spots are a few minutes away from each other. This should make you smile.

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7 Magnificent Towns in Scotland to Visit on a Road Trip

7 Magnificent Towns in Scotland to Visit on a Road Trip

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