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Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, making it a grand entry and exit point to the country. Flight time to Jakarta from Hong Kong is reasonable and most tourists prefer this route.

The city has a large population and tends to be noisy and vibrant, especially during the day. Despite being overcrowded, there are many tourist destinations in Jakarta that millions visit every year.

The innumerable number of museums, restaurants, bars, and beautiful landscapes makes it awesome to visit. You can also have a rare chance to learn about Indonesia’s culture while enjoying their amazing food. The top tourist destinations in Jakarta include the following options for your visit.

Shopping in Menteng

City of Jakarta

City of Jakarta. Image by yanuar wijaya from Pixabay

Menteng district is famous for having vendors who sell products at very affordable prices. You can get various clothes, textiles, food items and arts in this place. You have a versatile of options when selecting products in this area and the sellers allow you to bargain.

The best thing about shopping here is the quality of the products they offer, and the vendors make sure they stock the trendiest items.

Thousand Islands Beaches

A thousand islands is located at the heart of Jakarta city, and it offers an excellent beach space for the locals and tourists in Indonesia. You can enjoy a boat ride in this fantastic place and tour various islands in the area.

The specific islands also have amazing resorts where you can book and enjoy a splendid time with your loved ones. In the resort, you enjoy the fantastic food and drinks in the areas and various activities in the area.

Monas Tower

Monas Tower is a monument that was erected in the city in 1945 as a symbol of independence. The tower is a reminder of the freedom the Indonesia people acquired after years of torture from the Dutch colonialists.

The tower has a gallery where you can receive insights about the struggle of the Indonesia people to gain their freedom. You can also learn more about the tumultuous history of Indonesia’s people.

As well, you can climb on top of the tower and view the city’s sights from an aerial view. Most tourists and locals visit the area to enjoy the sight of the architectural design of the tower and town.

Istiqlal Mosque

Istiqlal mosque was constructed in 1978 and is one of the largest mosques in Southeast Asia. The mosque can host an average of 200,000 people.

It also features unique architectural designs such as minarets and rare marbles. Its construction features and huge capacity attracts millions of people annually.

Ancol Dreamland

Ancol Harbor in Northern Jakarta, Indonesia.

Ancol Harbor in Northern Jakarta, Indonesia. Image by mizuryu kei from Pixabay.

Ancol Dreamland is one of the most famous parks in Jakarta. The park has green open spaces where you can relax with your friends and family. Your kids can also enjoy numerous activities, such as rides in the park.

The park is a bit humid, and you will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere on hot summer days.

National Museum of Indonesia

The museum is situated in Merdeka square, and it’s among the largest museums in Indonesia. It has historical artifacts, weapon collection, and ancient ceramics. The area will give you a glimpse of the history of the Indonesia people in terms of their origin, struggle to freedom, and their significant battles.

You also get to learn about the origin of various beliefs and religions of the Indonesia people. The museum will help you add significant knowledge about the ancient times of the people of Indonesia, and the antique items will mesmerize you.

National Gallery

Display inside an art museum in Jakarta.

Display inside an art museum in Jakarta. Image by albarout7110 from Pixabay.

The national gallery is a central region where people can showcase their talent in the artwork. The place was constructed in 1999, and it has over 1700 works from prominent people.

Some of the artworks in this region are recognized worldwide, and you can view the works. If you love art craft, this is the place to visit and acquire knowledge on how to craft different works.

Istana Merdeka

The building was constructed in 1879, and it is where the palace of the president of Indonesia is located. Locals and tourists can not gain entry to the presidential palace, but you can admire the exterior of the building.

The building is also one of the most significant politically and historically.

Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan zoo is located in an area of 185 hectares with habitats for around 3,600 species of animals. There are also unique variants of plants and flowers that grow in this region.

If you love to admire nature and watch how various animals behave, you should consider visiting it. The air in this region is fresh, and the scenery is beautiful and will leave you mesmerized.

Kota Tua

Batavia Castle was the administrative center of Dutch East India Company in Asia.

Batavia Castle is located at the mouth of Ciliwung River in Jakarta. It was the administrative center of Dutch East India Company in Asia. Image by agusfianmf from Pixabay

Kota Tua is an area of historical importance to Indonesia, as it is a perfect reminder of the colonial ruling by the Dutch. They have numerous architecture that dates back in the Dutch ruling time and a unique cobbled town.

Many artists and photographers visit this area to get a rare glimpse of the region’s beautiful nature. There are also several museums in the locality where you can learn more about the history of the Indonesia people.

Dunia Fantasi

Dunia Fantasi features a modern park that has numerous activities you can indulge in. The theme park features many rides and a giant Ferris wheel, which allows you to view the park properly. There is also a theatre where you can get to watch various shows that are famous in Indonesia.

The park is ideal for a family to visit with children as the parks’ features will delight them and keep them occupied. Also, the park’s modesty makes it ideal for tourists of any age looking for fun and entertaining activities.

Bottom Line

Jakarta is one of the unique places to visit in Indonesia at all seasons. The splendid scenery, landscapes, museums, parks, and other attractions are fantastic. You also get to learn the culture and origin of the Indonesia people by visiting different historical places. Lastly, the rates of visiting the area are affordable, making it the best place to spend your vacation.


About the Author

This article is by experienced travel journalist and editor, Jason Choi, in Hong Kong, who reports trends, experiences, festivals and night-time adventures in cities around the world.


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The photo in the header above was taken of a fountain in Jakarta, Indonesia. Photo by Ismed Hasibuan, a professional photographer in Banten, Indonesia.

About the Author

The article is by experienced travel journalist and editor, Jason Choi, in Hong Kong. 

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