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Great Britain is touted to be one of the best holiday destinations in the world. Over the years, both local and international tourists have visited some of the iconic sites to experience the massive adventures and scenery. Most of the destinations offer adventure to the tourists where they get involved in tasks and challenges.

This article will discuss the top 10 adventures found in Great Britain.

1. Rock climbing in Snowdonia

Rock climbing in Snowdonia.

Rock climbing in Snowdonia. Photo by Phil Bird in the UK.

Located in the northwest of Wales, Snowdonia is a mountain rich area with landforms that are combined to form the Snowdonia National Park. For tourists looking to experience an adrenaline rush and face fears of height, the rock climbing adventure in Snowdonia is a perfect destination.

Snowdonia’s major activity involves climbing a vertical rock under the instructions of a guide who is ever-present to ensure the safety of the tourists. The region has been a major attraction for climbers with a notable tourist Sir Edmund and his team who conquered Everest visited the park to train.

Indeed, Snowdonia offers visitors a range of adventures when beginners and professionals can enjoy the immense terrain of the mountains and high cliffs. Additionally, the site has indoor walls which tourists can use for training before they can conquer the intense challenges offered in the site.

2. Via Ferrata in Cumbria

Cumbria is a metropolitan county located in the northwest of England which has been in existence since 1974. A Via Ferrata is a protected climbing route over several mountains made of strongly linked cables.

The county offers adventure to tourists where they can view the Lake District while on cables clipped to the mountains. The cables are found at about 2000 feet over two valleys which are Borrowade and Buttermere.

Tourists have the option of choosing the type of adventure they would want to experience with options ranging from classic, which require a normal level of fitness, to extreme which requires one to be very fit.

3. River swimming in Oxfordshire

Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire.

Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987. Image by 5477687 from Pixabay.

Oxfordshire is a metropolitan county located in the southwest of England. The county offers river swimming adventure that many tourists engage in as a sport. Swimming adventures here are classified as challenging, because they requires visitors to be very fit and know how to swim for participation.

The management of the event set out a six-kilometer course which is divided into sections of the river. The sport is very popular among swimming lovers who visit the site annually to participate in various planned events.

River swimming has been on the rise with the local county supporting the sport to attract more visitors to the area. The county also guarantees the safety of tourists by employing guards and safety teams who oversee the event.

4. Sea kayaking in the highlands of Scotland

Scotland is seen by many paddlers as a paradise because of the presence of serene beaches, cliffs, and tunnels that have beautiful blue sea waters.

Tourists have the opportunity to explore mysterious caves, paddle through wildlife, and take distant voyages while enjoying the fresh air in the sea. Additionally, tourists can add to the adventure by going on a paddling expedition to spot and view sea eagles as they hunt.

5. Wild camping in Glenfeshie, Cairngorms

Cairngorms National Park in the UK.

Cairngorms National Park in the UK. Image by Zbigniew Pawlak from Pixabay

Cairngorm is a mountainous area located on the eastern side of the Scottish highlands. Within the range of mountains is the Cairngorm National Park that hosts the Glenfeshie camping estate.

The law of Scotland does not ban citizens or non-citizens from pitching away from designated areas which creates an ideal environment for tourists to create their adventure within and out of the camping site. The terrain of the area provides campers with the best environment to explore nature in the mountains.

6. Kite-buggying in East Sussex

East Sussex is a county located in the southeast of England which provides visitors with an experience to test their kite-flying and go-karting skills. The activity involves navigating a light vehicle that is powered by a kite. The adventure provides an adrenaline rush for visitors because the car can move at a very high speed depending on the strength of the breeze at the sea.

7. Hiking in Yorkshire Dales

Hiking in Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Hiking in Yorkshire Dales National Park. Photo by Sandra Ahn Mode on Unsplash

Yorkshire Dales National Park is situated in the northern part of England. The park consists of valleys and hills as the main terrain of the area. The national park is considered to be the best for walking in Great Britain under the guidance of guards.

Guests visiting the park can enjoy their adventure by selecting a range of daily walks which differ in distance. Visitors can enjoy the magnificent scenery the park has to offer, which includes ancient castles and the peaceful environment that comes with nature.

8. Paragliding in Surrey

View from above of Leith Hill Tower, one of the highest points in Surrey, England.

View from above of Leith Hill Tower, one of the highest points in Surrey, England. The tower was built in 1764-65. Photo by Roman Fox on Unsplash.

Surrey is a county in the southeast of England. The county provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy paragliding in the Surrey countryside.

The sport has become very popular because it does not require any skills, and visitors can enjoy the adventure hanging 500 feet in the sky while wearing kits that resemble green dragons. The activity involves strapping the tourist to an instructor with the former enjoying the scenery as they glide through the Surrey terrain.

9. A Guided walk through Morecambe Bay

Morecambe Bay is located in the northwest of England and stretches from Fleetwood to Morecambe. The bay is known for its notorious quicksand and tides that flow very fast. The bay has been a destination for charity walks where groups organize walking events to raise funds for different causes.

The walk through the bay under the guidance of guards provides an adventure for visitors where they can enjoy a safe walk as they raise money for their charities.

10. Windsurfing in Norfolk

Ship on the beach during low tide on the North Sea in Norfolk, England.

Ship on the beach during low tide on the North Sea in Norfolk, England. Image by Roman Grac from Pixabay.

Norfolk is a county in the eastern part of England and borders the North Sea. The county offers tourists sandy beaches that have very good winds for surfing. The county is a good destination for tourists who are enthusiastic about windsurfing. There are lessons on the beach where beginners can learn the sport and quench their thirst for adventure in the sea.

To conclude, Great Britain consists of many spots tourists can visit to have an adventure. The tourism sector is among the best in the world and guests can be guaranteed a good time full of adventure when they visit the different areas.

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Top 10 adventures to have in Great Britain

Top 10 adventures to have in Great Britain

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