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The Pap of Glencoe is a mountain situated in the Highlands of Scotland. It’s near the intersection between lake Loch Leven and River Coe. It can be a perfect match for your day trip.

The shape of the Highlands is where they got the name “pap.” The massif is about 2432 ft or 742m high and is not the highest of the Glencoe group. However, it’s the most accessible one, and once you reach the top, it offers an incredible view.

In this article, you’ll find more about how to climb the Pap of Glencoe.

Climbing The Pap Of Glencoe

The Pap of Glencoe summit view.

The Pap of Glencoe summit view. Photo by Mountain Treks on DepositPhotos.

Hiking is not easy. Nonetheless, after roughly five hours of intense walking, the Pap of Glencoe rewards you with a fantastic view. You’ll be spending around an hour taking photos, resting, or taking a snack break, if the weather is fine. Then, you’ll descend.

Here is a more thorough description of a hike on the Pap of Glencoe.

Where to Start to Climb the Pap of Glencoe

The Pap of Glencoe is situated near the Glencoe village, which is about three hours from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

Once you arrive there, find an ascending pathway near the Clachaig Inn. As you walk towards the west, look for a rocky path. After seeing a white house, you may reach the small pathway that directs you towards the Pap of Glencoe.

If you’re having trouble seeing it, look for a parking lot near a metal gate in the location we mentioned above, or you can ask some locals.

This road is the simplest and most common. Nevertheless, you can pick the Kinlochleven side, which is more dangerous and less used.

When you’re exploring new areas, especially natural ones, it’s better to hike in groups. Alternatively, on your way, you may find other tourists that may enjoy some company.

The First Part of the Hike: A Cardio Workout

The first half of the 7km journey is challenging. The steep path is irregular and tiring: you walk at a 60-degree angle using your calves. Moreover, you’re walking on grass and wild vegetation because there isn’t a straight pathway to the top. The majority of the journey, you won’t be able to step flat on the ground, so you’ll be walking on your toes.

Depending on your fitness level, whether you are familiar with sport or are an office worker, one of professional essay writers, the walk may be strenuous, moderate, or routine cardio.

After an hour, you may reach the first level on the Pap of Glencoe, where you can take a proper photo break to catch your breath and stretch.

The Second Part of the Hike: Starting to See the Top

From this point, where you can see the top of the Pap of Glencoe, the pathway becomes a little easier. You can see a little river and a flatter surface ahead of you. Although, in a few meters, it becomes irregular, and the hiking sticks aren’t needed.

If you’re in the mood for some adrenaline, you can pick a random path through the rocks. However, if you don’t want to go on a more dangerous route, we suggest a better alternative.

If you look around, you’ll find a pathway that leads to the top. It’s easier to climb, and you can stop to take photos and to rest. Here the wind is strong, and if you’re unlucky, it’ll rain.

The Third Part of the Hike: On Top of the Mountain

When you reach the top of the Pap of Glencoe, you’ll see the best view. As you turn around and observe the landscape, you’ll see the beautiful Highlands: a succession of natural curves that are a mix between hills and mountains. Also, you’ll see the lake Loch Leven and the Glencoe village.

You may want to take the view in and snap some pictures to remind you of the unique experience on the Pap of Glencoe.

The Fourth Part of the Hike: Rolling Down

When you’ve absorbed the view, and your legs rested a bit, you’re ready to descend. Since the pathway’s steep, descending can be a real challenge. You might want to slow down your pace. Otherwise, you may lose control of your legs, fall, and roll down the hill like a barrel. So, be careful and take your time.

You can take more photos and focus on elements that you missed while facing the Pap of Glencoe and stretch your legs.

Don’t forget that the weather might make the path even more slippery and rough. So, try to pay attention to where you step.

The Fifth Step of the Hike: A Reward

Once you arrived at the starting point, make sure to have a consistent meal, and to stretch your legs to prevent cramps. You can choose between the different local pubs in the village: some of them sell homemade whiskey.

When Can You Hike The Pap Of Glencoe?

The Pap of Glencoe from Ballachulish.

The Pap of Glencoe from Ballachulish. Bruce89, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Just like in other parts of England, avoid at all costs winter, autumn, and early spring. Otherwise, you’ll need crampons and other specific tools as the path can get dangerously slippery and muddy.

The best month is May, but summer is also a good alternative. Late spring offers the best weather, and there are fewer insects. In summer, you have less chances of having storms, and you don’t have to wear too many layers.

Must Haves For A Hike On The Pap Of Glencoe

Here are some of the essentials for this half-day trip:

  • A decent physical form. If you don’t want to get lightheaded on top or sweat too much, consider having some workouts before the hike or take more time to climb up.
  • Trekking boots. The path is rocky and irregular, so that you might want some specific shoes. Crampons if you’re thinking about going during the winter.
  • Trekking sticks. These may help provide support for you while your ascending.
  • Check your time. You may want to start early in the morning so that you’re back on the ground before 4 pm. Avoid starting too late; you don’t want to descend a rocky path in the dark.
  • Wear layered clothing. The temperature might fluctuate, so wear a windproof jacket and some long-sleeved shirts. Also, you may need a hat and some gloves to keep you warm.
  • An emergency kit. Keep an emergency kit with a snack bar, sanitizer, bandaids, and other necessities.
  • Water. You may sweat a lot, so keep hydrating yourself.
  • A phone for emergency calls, flashlight, and others.


If you’re looking to hike on the Pap of Glencoe, be prepared for a cardio workout to the top. All the effort pays off once you see the scenery at the peak. Then, you may reward yourself with a good meal and local whiskey. Don’t forget about boots, emergency tools, layered clothes and hike sticks.

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About the Photo

The photo in the header above is of reflections of Pap of Glencoe mountain in the Scottish Highlands, Scotland, UK. Photo by Adrian Szatewicz on DepositPhotos.

About the Author

Emma Coffinet is a content creator for websites, blogs, articles, white papers, and social media platforms

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Reflections of Pap of Glencoe mountain in scottish Highlands. Autumnal colours and heavy cloud above the mountain. Scotland, UK.

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