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In Ontario you’ll never be short of things to do. Apart from the familiar sights of Toronto and Ottawa, there are also stunning natural lakes, caves and national parks to explore. Here are 10 sites not to miss when you visit Ontario.

1. Scarborough Bluffs

Scarborough Bluffs Park, Toronto, Canada

Scarborough Bluffs Park, Toronto, Canada. Photo by Andrew Gook on Unsplash.

If you’re arriving to explore Ontario through Toronto, be sure to add in a stop to Scarborough Bluffs. Not only can you enjoy a quiet stroll along the coast of Lake Ontario, but the shoreline is very close to the parking lot, making it an ideal location for anyone wanting an easily accessible, peaceful destination stop.

Visit at sunrise for a memorable sight.

2. Flowerpot Island

The island in Georgian Bay gets its name from the large standing rock formations that resemble flower pots. As well as the beautiful scenery, you can also go hiking or even visit the historic lighthouse. With stunning turquoise waters, Flowerpot Island is also a perfect spot for some snorkeling.

3. Bruce Peninsula National Park

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Mhsheikholeslami / CC BY-SA” Photo by Mhsheikholeslami / CC BY-SA

Head to Bruce Peninsula National Park for a truly spectacular view. Located on the edge of Georgian Bay, on the northern part of Tobermory, the park is the ideal location for anyone looking for exciting hiking trails or an overnight camping opportunity.

Make sure that you visit the Grotto for a truly exciting trip. Either swim to the grotto through the turquoise waters or take a beautiful 45-minute hike and be rewarded with a real prize at the end. It’s best visited either in the fall or spring to avoid the crowds.

4. Lake Manitou on Manitoulin Island

Manitoulin Island on Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada.

Manitoulin Island on Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada.

For a wonderfully calm, relaxed day, head to Lake Manitou. The lake is on Manitoulin Island, which is itself situated on Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes.

Officially classified as the largest lake located on a freshwater island, it’s a fantastic destination for anyone looking to do some fishing. With impressive scenery, this is a beautiful location on which to unwind.

5. Bonnechere Caves

Below Eganville, you’ll find the Bonnechere Caves, which were formed over 500 million years ago. You can explore the caves via a tour, where you’ll learn about how the caves, encased in limestone, were formed. If you want a closer look at the fossils within the cave walls, make sure to take a flashlight.

Round off your trip with a walk to the nearby river.

6. Hamilton Waterfalls

Sherman Falls, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Sherman Falls, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Image by jimvanmeggelen from Pixabay.

Fans of waterfalls should be sure to make Hamilton one of their top destinations. With almost 100 waterfalls to its name, Hamilton is often referred to as the “Waterfall Capital of the World”.

Albion Falls is one of the most picture-perfect and popular waterfalls due to its stunning rock ridges.

7. BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir complex in Toronto complex consists of the first traditional hand carved Hindu Mandir (Hindu place of worship), Haveli and the Heritage Museum.

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir complex in Toronto complex consists of the first traditional hand carved Hindu Mandir (Hindu place of worship), Haveli and the Heritage Museum.

Located between Brampton and Toronto, you’ll find the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, hand-carved from stone and marble. As well as a beautiful white exterior, you can also visit the detailed hand-carved courtyard known as the Haveli.

Be sure to see the exhibitions and video presentations, as well as taking some time to visit the sacred space used for rituals, the Nikanth Abhishek Mandapam, where you can also participate in the ‘Abhishek’ ritual.

8. Cheltenham Badlands

Just an hour away from Toronto in Caledon, you’ll find the Cheltenham Badlands. These are a series of highly unusual rock formations that are well worth a visit. Walk along the boardwalk parallel to the Badlands and witness the red-hued gullies and rounded hills that make this such a rare site.

9. Library Of Parliament

Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada.

Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada. Image by Jacques Savoye from Pixabay.

Book lovers and architecture fans alike should add the Parliament Library to their itineraries. Built in 1876, the Parliament Library is located on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

As well as being home to important and historic documents about Canada, it also houses research and information for the Canadian parliament. Yet, it’s the library’s beautifully intricate carvings and towering shelves that will capture every visitor’s imagination.

10. Suspension Bridge

For an unforgettable view of the Georgian Bay, head to southern Ontario’s longest suspension footbridge. Suspended 82 feet above the Blue Mountains forest floor, the 420 feet long bridge takes approximately 45 minutes to cross. With unobstructed views, you’ll feel like you’re flying as you take in the beautiful scenery.


Whether you’re a fan of hiking or simply looking for a serene place in which to unwind, in Ontario you won’t be disappointed. Make sure to add these top locations to your itinerary to make your trip to Ontario one you’ll never forget.


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The photo in the header above is of Albion Falls, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Photo by Andrew Gook on Unsplash

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Michael Dehoyos is a professional travel writer and editor.

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