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The Azores Archipelago is among the most popular ones. It is one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal that consists of nine islands. All the islands are volcanic which makes the Azores a destination like no other.

Indeed, you can visit all the nine islands and find a lot of activities to engage in. One of the most interesting things you’ll notice about the Azores is the huge difference between the nine islands. This is due to their formation in different times and periods, so the fauna and landscape have developed differently.

The Azores offer serene landscapes and a multitude of activities you can do, so make sure you save some time for your trip. Here are 10 things you need to see and try during your trip to the Azores.

Boca do Inferno, São Miguel

Boca do Inferno Viewpoint

Boca do Inferno Viewpoint, Image by AntoMes from Pixabay.

Sao Miguel is the largest island of the Azores Archipelago which is known for its rich wildlife and flora. The scenery here is amazing so you can soak in all the beauty by choosing to go to Boca do Inferno.

Boca do Inferno is a nice viewpoint on Sao Miguel island and you reach a volcano crater and a beautiful combination of hues. Boca do Inferno might be a viewpoint that is more difficult to reach, as the path is steep and narrow, but it is totally worth it.

Angra do Heroísmo, Terceira

Angra do Heroismo is one of the most beautiful villages that exist in the Azores Archipelago. If you are looking for a lazy day, visiting this village is the right option.

The view is amazing as the houses are very colorful and fill in the landscape of the island. There is also a beach, so you can enjoy a day sunbathing.

Lagoa do Canario, Sao Miguel

If you are into hiking, you should know that Lagoa do Canario is a beautiful lake that formed in a volcano crater. The view is amazing and the landscape around offers you a wide variety of hiking trails you can choose from. Here starts also the trail to Boca do Inferno, so you can combine the viewpoint and the lake and make it a hiking day around the Azores.

The Terra Nostra Gardens, Sao Miguel

The Terra Nostra Gardens might be some of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world. They have a multitude of flowers and trees that please your senses from the moment you walk in.

You can admire the beautiful botanical garden that comes with a bonus: a natural swimming pool. Even though the water has an unnatural color, this is because it has sulfur and iron. These are believed to be good for the skin, so if you want to take a bath in a botanical garden, this is your chance.

Algar do Carvão, Terceira

Terceira is another island you can visit in the Azores Archipelago. If you visit Sao Miguel before, you will notice a huge difference between these two. Terceira has a different vibe and it is usually quieter, maybe because there are fewer people who visit Terceira.

However, the island has a lot of nice things to offer and Algar do Carvao is one of them. Because all the islands are volcanic, all the tourism experiences revolve around this. This is your chance to walk down in a volcano whose walls are covered with mosses in a wide variety of green hues.

Whale Safari, Terceira

One of the things you can do on all islands of the Azores Archipelago is whale watching. Whales are among the most amazing creatures and seeing them live will simply enrich the existence of any traveler and animal lover. Make sure you choose a company that values the life of all marine life and does not pollute the water or disturbs the animals.

Montanha do Pico, Pico

Pico is one of the most beautiful islands in the Azores because it has the Montanha of Pico. This is the highest mountain peak in Portugal, so it is worth paying it a visit. Pico is a combination of Terceira and Sao Miguel and offers a unique traveling experience.

And if you’re into hiking, Montanha do Pico is the right choice.

Criação Velha vineyard, Pico

Portugal is known for its amazing combination of wine tastes. If you have always been interested in visiting one of the vineyards that offer such tasteful grapes, then this is your chance. The Criação Velha vineyard in Pico can be visited and admired around the year.

Capelinhos Volcano, Faial

Faial is one of the smallest islands in the Azores but that has so many viewpoints and experiences to offer. Capelinhos volcano is one you should not miss. As the latest volcano eruption was in 1958, the island’s look has changed.

Even though some parts are full of lush vegetation, you will soon enter a lunar scenery. Everything is dark grey due to the last volcanic eruption that changed a part of the island.

Peter Cafe Sport, Faial

Peter Cafe Sport is one of the coziest cafes you will find on this island. It has a multitude of flags which give it a nice and warm feeling. But the cafe houses the Scrimshaw Museum on the second floor, which you can visit if you buy a ticket.


The Azores can offer you a journey that you have never dreamed of. They have something for every taste and you can discover here a lot of alien landscapes you have never imagined. Volcanoes, lakes, viewpoints, whales, wildlife, or vineyards are just a few of the things you can see and try in the Azores.


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The photo in the header above is the Gray Waterfall in the Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal, situated in an archipelago in the mid-Atlantic. Image by narevser from Pixabay

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Explore the Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal.

Explore the Azores, an autonomous region of Portugal.

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