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Berlin is a vibrant city with notable landmarks, welcoming people, and a diverse culture. There’s a lot to learn and see in Berlin, and a visit to this city means you’re killing two birds with one stone – exploring a greater part of Europe while traveling less.

If you would like to explore the colorful Berlin forests, get lost in the woods, visit some museums or admire some open-art gallery, we’ve listed the must-visit places for you.

Here are the top destinations in Berlin to add to your travel itinerary.

Visit the Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Image by Bernd Petrikat from Pixabay

Located in the heart of Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate stands 26 meters tall with 5 walkways and 6 columns. Once a barrier between East and West Germany, this gate now signifies the reunification and the restored peace and unity. The gate was built in the 18th century but was later renovated in the early 2000s, and is perhaps the most visited landmarks in Berlin.

Major historical Berlin events, such as the 1987 Ronald Reagan’s speech, “tear down this wall,” took place at this monumental gate. And besides its historical significance, it’s a popular Berlin New Year’s Eve party landmark where thousands converge for New Year celebrations.

A visit to Berlin is never complete without posing for an Insta photo at this giant gate. Make sure to wear a smile and learn a bit of German as you head to this landmark since you’re likely to meet several locals strolling and taking pictures.

Explore Berlin’s Museum Island

This is a UNESCO designated site and one of the most visited Berlin museums that showcase exquisite works of art. Museum Island consists of five museums:

Altes Museum (Old Museum)

This museum was opened in 1830. It showcases art from the philosophical and intellectual days of the 17th and 18 centuries, also called the Age of Enlightenment.

Neues Museum (New Museum)

Neues museum was opened in 1855 but was severely damaged during World War II. Renovations started in 1999, and the museum was later reopened in 2009. This museum focuses on art from prehistory to the Middle Ages.

Alte Nationalgalerie

Also referred to as the Old National Gallery of Berlin, the Alte Nationalgalerie was opened in 1876 and is home to historic paintings and a collection of ancient sculptures.

Bode Museum

The Bode Museum was opened in 1904, and it focuses more on religious art and sculptures from Antiquity to the late 18th century.

Pergamon Museum

Open in the 1930s, the Pergamon is the youngest of the five museums. Some of the things to see in this museum include a collection of historical objects from the Middle East, especially Syria, Mesopotamia (Iraq), and Anatolia (Turkey).

Be sure to book your visit online before showing up at the museum. Here you’ll learn a lot about Berlin, Europe, the Middle East, and beyond.

Hike the trails of Berlin

If you are looking to take your adventure to the next level, hiking the trails of Berlin could be your best bet. With several hiking trails within the city, there’s a lot you can explore in this corner of Germany.

Oder-Spree-Kanal is one intermediate hiking trail where you can tour and enjoy a lazy afternoon walk or ride as you connect between the various canals. All you have to do is stroll along the path or across the bridge and capture every moment that excites you.

Another trail suited for the pro-hikers is the Wuhletal hiking trail, a half-day tour through nature. Here, you will admire Berlin’s biodiverse river valley, numerous parks, and meadows along the way. The route runs along the International Garden Exhibition grounds, and there are plenty of stopovers in case you’ll need to take a few breaks. There’s also a cable car ride, and you can choose to switch gears along the way.

If you would rather escape the city to connect with nature, hiking through the Teufelsmoor and Müggelberge will make more sense. Whether you’re going solo or in a group, be sure to carry a Berlin map for direction, just in case you get lost in the Müggelberg woods.

Whether you want a modern biking trail with sightseeing opportunities or looking to follow an adventurous path through the woods, Berlin has got you covered. Whichever you choose, remember to pause for a moment, take a picture, and admire all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Check the East Side Gallery Walk

The East Side open-air art gallery is one of Berlin’s attractions that draws the memories of the old days when the Berlin Wall split the city into two. The side gallery captures the city’s modern art style and is the coolest thing you can walk along.

This 1.3 kilometers of pure art showcases what painters and street artists communicate through their art: the history, culture, and beliefs of Berlin, Germany, and Europe as a whole. As you walk along these colorful drawings, words, and far-reaching inscriptions, take some time to gaze at the gigantic masterpieces and the keen selection of hues.

Enjoy Berlin’s Nightlife: Chalet Club

If you’re in for a fantastic night out with friends, Chalet Club, located in Kreuzberg’s hip neighborhood, is the perfect place for you. This club offers a great lineup of cool music from the city’s most talented DJs: and the best part is – they are open 7 days a week. However, this may not be the case during this festive season as Berlin is now in lockdown till January 10, 2021.

Once the lockdown is over, there’s a lot you can explore in this Berlin club – unique decorations, antique wallpaper patterns, bonfires in the backyard, signature cocktails, and craft beers.

Also, Berlin restaurants, bars, and hangout joints are always open all year long, but the latest Berlin news reports a ban on public drinking throughout the festive season. This comes at a time when local authorities are looking to contain the virus. Even then, you can still enjoy Berlin food from the best restaurants in town through the takeout and delivery options.

Final Comments

There’s no shortage of great places to visit in Berlin. You just have to look around and pick what best suits your taste. The above five places highlight the things to do and places to explore in this amazing city.

Based on what we’ve covered, what do you like the most about Berlin? Let us know in the comments.

About the Author

Derek Greene is a photographer and a travel blogger. For more reading, Derek recommends The Frisky.

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The photo in the header above is of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany. Photo by Elijah G on Unsplash.

About the Author

Derek Greene is a photographer and a travel blogger.

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