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Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, is perhaps the location most synonymous with gambling and casinos. The Nevadan city located smack bang in the smoldering south western desert of America is an extremely popular tourist destination for many who want to let their hair down. There are awesome theatrical shows to watch, bars and nightclubs to experience, but perhaps the most sought-after destination is the casinos.

With the incredibly high density of casinos in the city, it can be easy to miss the best ones, and instead find yourself in some dodgy establishments that lack the true Las Vegas experience. To help travelers make sure they’re visiting only the classiest, must-see casinos in the city, here are some of the top establishments in Las Vegas that offer a gambling experience like no other.

Caesars Palace

Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay.

Potentially the most well-known casino in the city, Caesars Palace has earned a great reputation as one a must-visit location in Vegas. In addition to the fantastic interiors and many casino games, the venue’s biggest pride and joy may just be its sports book. This is a massive 15,580 square foot corner of the gaming floor that boasts a gigantic LED video wall and a battalion of television screens, allowing the house to broadcast dozens of different sporting events that visitors can bet on in a huge variety of different ways. The area also has a fantastic bar and 140 high comfort chairs, making it a sport betters paradise.


If you’re into slots, then ARIA is the casino for you as not only does it have the largest slot machine floors on the entire Las Vegas Strip, it also offers the most exclusive high-limit slot rooms anywhere in the state. The resort is home to nearly 2,000 different slots, with some of the exclusive ones costing an incredible $5,000 per pull, making it great for the high rollers. It boasts all the favorite slot machines, and also hosts a slot tournament several times a year that attracts a huge number of players. In addition to this, ARIA is also well equipped with butlers to cater to your every need, and a full-service dining area. For those interested in slots, check out this betting offer to get a head start.


Bellagio is a fine casino, but it’s biggest selling point is the poker room, which remains a favorite for both amateurs and veterans alike. Situated near its sports book, the space has 40 tables that offer a variety of poker games, with exhilarating poker tournaments take place every day.

Players are able to get food and drinks delivered to their table too, and even back and neck massages to elevate some of the pressures of the game. You may also be able to find poker pros playing for millions if you’re ever there late-night.

MGM Grand

The MGM Grand is a brilliant location for first-time gamblers, as it offers inexpensive games for the everyman to enjoy and have a good time. The destination has plenty of table game pits and slot machines, but also plenty of attractions to keep the non-gamblers occupied as well. It has a great arcade, a fun zone that includes beer pong, billiards, and even one of the largest games of Pac-Man. The MGM Grand is a great casino designed to cater for everyone.


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