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Thinking about your next vacation? One of these popular destinations where big movies have been shot may be the perfect choice.

We all know that there are so many factors to consider when it comes to designing and producing the perfect movie, however, one of the most important, fundamental aspects of shooting a great, interesting and even memorable film, is a good set to shoot on. If you don’t nail the environment in a movie, designing the characters and everything else would be downright pointless.

The world might not be the largest planet in its solar system, but it sure is big enough for us to be able to see a wide variety of amazing places and cultures all around. Some places are so beautiful and unmissable that they actually changed people’s lives, and even gave artists and creators inspiration, to either write about these places, or shoot movies in them. After all, having a really good set can save you a lot of work when it comes to setting up an environment with CGI graphics. We’ve seen some places being used countless times in movies, either due to popularity, or simply aesthetic beauty.


Middle ages knights outside a castle in Malta.

Middle ages knights outside a castle in Malta. Image by M W from Pixabay.

Starting off, we have Malta, a tiny island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea in Europe. It’s not as well known as all the others in this list, however it’s a very popular place within the movies and TV world, as numerous blockbuster films like Assassin’s Creed, World War Z, The Da Vinci Code, Troy, Gladiator, Clash of the Titans, and the list just keeps on going! We have even seen Malta featured in TV series like Game of Thrones and Queen of The South.

Malta’s popularity with the filming industry is all thanks to being blessed with incredible natural landscapes and interesting architecture from many years ago, which can be used as a ready set, saving hours if not days of work on set building.

Visiting Malta can be an incredible experience where you can see and learn about all the incredible places where hundreds of world-famous filmings took place, while enjoying the beautiful tropical climate and picturesque beaches all around the island! Make sure you visit Malta’s even smaller neighbouring islands, Gozo and Comino, where numerous scenes were shot too.

Malta is also known for being home to a massive number of online casino companies from all around the globe, so if you’re a fan of gambling, Malta hits 2 birds with 1 stone!

Central Park, New York City

Next up, we have Central Park, New York City. Located in the heart of one of the most popular cities in the world, also known as Long Island. Central park has catered to so many movies it would be impossible to name them all in one go.

Since Romeo and Juliet in 1908, the iconic spot has been used for over 200 films and shows, some being Home Alone 2, When Harry Met Sally, Enchanted, Bee Movie, Elf, The Avengers, John Wick, and many more. Central Park is not only famous for movies, it has also catered for a number of festivals and music concerts throughout the years!

Here one can also find an abundance of landmarks, including geographical features like Cedar Hill, Sculptures and memorials, and a huge number of other features that make Central park one of the biggest most unique parks in the world.

If you’re ever at Central Park, don’t forget to check out the animals at the Robert Moses Zoo, The Children’s district, where one can find a victorian style cottage with an old dairy which was functional when the park opened! One can also find the Chess and Checker House, the Wollman Ice Rink, The Ramble, Alice in Wonderland, Strawberry fields, and more.

Los Angeles, California

Venice Beach, Los Angeles CA, is another frequently filmed place in the world. Here you can find a buzzing beach town with massive residential and commercial pockets. You’ll also find an abundance of funky shops, street performers, colorful murals, skate parks, gyms, boutiques, coffee bars, you name it.

Why wouldn’t they pick this as a filming spot? It’s the definition of groovy, fun, and stylish living! Some of the movies that were filmed here were American History X (1998), The Big Lebowski on the same year, American Pie (1999), Million Dollar Baby (2004), and He’s just not that into you (2009).

When you’re planning your next vacation, try kicking back and relaxing at the place where people live the dream, in one of these beautiful, friendly and exciting environments in the world.


About the Author

Tim Teeuwen is an online content creator from Malta.

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The photo in the header above is of Malta, an island-state in the Mediterranean Sea. Image by MARCIN CZERNIAWSKI from Pixabay.

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