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Everyone has heard about Scandinavia and its culture, about Vikings, reindeers, and the amazing coastal scenery this region has to offer to anyone who decides to visit it. Scandinavia is home to majestic landscapes, mountains, fjords, glaciers, and winter wonders such as the Nordic lights. To discover all these things, you need to plan an enriching trip to Scandinavia, in some of the most developed countries in the world.

Scandinavia is more than a peninsula. It is a group of countries that share similar views and, of course, history. Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark are known to be part of Scandinavian countries. Some might even consider a recent addition, Iceland. There is a lot to discover about each of them, so a road trip might help you check the most important and iconic places in two of these countries.

So, from Stockholm to Oslo, you have a lot of things and places to discover about the Scandinavian scenery and culture.

Start in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden. Photo by Linda Aksomitis.

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, a city where many Scandinavian corporations have their headquarters. Besides its economic importance for the country, in Stockholm, you can discover many museums and cultural institutions.

You can get a glimpse of the Scandinavian and Swedish culture by visiting the Nordic Museum. Moreover, if you love pop music, you should not miss ABBA: The Museum when in Stockholm. The capital of Sweden is impressive and its combinational architectural styles define so well the Nordic culture.

Drive to Uppsala, Sweden

Uppsala is just about a one-hour long drive from Stockholm. It is known as one of the oldest cities, which is renowned for its university, which was founded in the 15th century. If you love nature, you have probably heard about Carl Linnaeus. He is a well-known botanist that had put the basis of the current taxonomy.

Here you can visit the Botanical Garden where over 1300 species are grown annually. The botanical garden was arranged by Carl Linnaeus, and even though he lived in the 18th century, the garden still resembles his view.

Next stop: Vasteras, Sweden

If you love the Nordic culture, then Vasteras is the city where you need to stop on your road trip to Oslo. Here you can visit an old Viking settlement, but also modern iconic places, such as the Vasteras Cathedral.

Discover the amazing coastal city of Sweden, a beautiful combination of traditional with modern touches. Do not forget to visit Anundshög, a prehistoric burial place.

Hallsberg – the last city in Sweden

The drive from Vasteras to Hallsberg is about one hour and a half long. If time is on your part, you can also make a detour and stop at the Tåsta nature reserve. Here you can discover and admire the flabbergasting scenery and incredible wildlife.

Back to Hallsberg, it is a small city in Sweden where you can spend the night. Konst på Hög is the place where you can discover some ingenious and delicate pieces of art.

Head to Karlstadt, Sweden

Karlstad is right near Europe’s largest freshwater lake, Vanern. In Karlstadt you can visit the Brigade Museum, where you can discover iconic objects from different historic events, such as the fall of the Berlin War, the Vietnam War, or the Cold War.

Moreover, here you can see a very small part of the lake Vanern if you go to Mariebergsskogen.

Drive to Arvika, Sweden

At only 59 minutes away, Arvika is a small village in Sweden that aims to connect visitors with nature. Here you can take a walk near the city and discover the nature that surrounds it. You can also visit the Arvika Vehicle Museum or even drive to the Glaskogen nature reserve.

Soak in all the beauty nature offers you by admiring its marvels from a canoe. You can rent a canoe and also camp. There are also many cabins in the woods that can offer you the comfort, calmness, and tranquility you can find in a retreat place.

Rømskog – the first city of Norway

Crossing the border from Sweden to Norway, the first city you should stop in is Rømskog. It is a small city with a few museums where you can discover more about music and local traditions. While on a road trip, it is essential to save some time also for taking your breath.

Traveling is nice and it offers you many opportunities and fascinating hidden gems. And if you find yourself rushing between landmarks, maybe you should think about what traveling means to you. Keep in mind that this activity should be relaxing, not stressful. And this is exactly what Rømskog offers to all road trippers – a tranquil village to spend time and interact with local people and traditions.

The Last Stop – Oslo, Norway

You probably know already that fjords are a unique characteristic of Scandinavian countries. And Oslo does live to its reputation. It is the capital of Norway and the third-largest city in Scandinavia, with amazing landmarks, museums, parks, and viewpoints.

In Oslo, you can see the best how water has shaped Norway’s shores, and the Bygdøy Peninsula is one of the places you should not miss. Here are also five of the most important and iconic museums for Norway, among which are the Viking Ship Museum, the Norwegian Folk Museum, and the Fram Museum. Oslo is also known for its delicious cuisine, and here you can try many smoked salmon specialties, Norwegian hot dogs, meatballs, or brunos.


Scandinavia is known for its rich culture and traditions. If you are interested in history, on your road trip from Stockholm to Oslo, you can stop by and admire many Viking burial places or campsites. Moreover, many museums present some of the most important moments in the history of Vikings.

Besides its history, Scandinavian countries are known for their tasteful cuisine and traditional food. Nature is incredible here and you can admire it from a canoe. You can even find a place where you can camp and soak in all the beauty it has to offer you. But if you also love the tumult of big cities, you have a few on the itinerary that will offer you exactly what you need.

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The photo in the header above was taken in Stockholm, Sweden, by Linda Aksomitis.

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Charlie Svensson is a freelance writer currently living in Sweden.

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Discover Scandinavia on this road trip from Sweden to Denmark.

Discover Scandinavia on this road trip from Sweden to Norway.

Discover Scandinavia on this road trip from Sweden to Norway.

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