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Würzburg is a German university town that everyone should aspire to visit. This historic destination dominates the scene high above the River Main and lies within the Main valley. Indeed, the Würzburg Residence with the Court Gardens and Residence Square, were recognized as a UNESCO Heritage site in 1981.

Wurzburg Old Town

Historic center of Wurzburg in Germany.

Historic center of Wurzburg in Germany. Image by Th G from Pixabay.

Home to the medieval Fortress Marienberg, Würzburg will ensure that you experience Germany’s historic glory. The town has numerous top points and you and your friends will enjoy exploring them.

If you’re a history buff, you will appreciate the opportunity to visit locations that experienced intense bombing throughout WWII. Despite 90% of the Old Town being destroyed at the end of WWII, the locals managed to salvage what was left of it and rebuild it back to its glory.

The locals made sure to retain the medieval architecture, and it’s now a loved tourist destination for people across the globe. The mixture of contemporary and medieval architecture makes Würzburg look like a movie set.

When you visit around the anniversary of the tragic bombing, you get to be part of a commemoration of what the locals lost years ago. The city’s church bells are rung to remind locals of the target that stroke during WWII.

Würzburg has a vibrant culture that you will appreciate experiencing. The locals have managed to most past the historic tragedy and bring back joy to the stress. The old town host numerous festivals, historic events and tours to show visitors what the city has to offer.

The Würzburg Residenz

At the top of our list is the Würzburg Residenz that’s located in Residenplatz. This splendid palace belonging to the Prince-Bishop is among the finest Baroque buildings in Germany.

The secular palace was built between 1720 and 1744 with notable features recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has a monumental staircase hall that makes every visitor feel small.

The Würzburg Residenz has 40 rooms open to local and international visitors. The most famous ones include the Imperial Hall that has been designed by world class interior designers. There’s also the White Hall, the Court Church and the Hall of Mirrors.

Even though the Würzburg Residenz was heavily damaged during WWII, it has been successfully restored back to its glory over the years. It took architectures and designers over 40 years to complete reconstruction and restoration.

The Würzburg Residenz is also home to the Martin von Wagner Museum that’s located in the south wing. This Museum is home to beautiful collections of historic pictures, antiques and print.

Another room that will most likely interest you in the memorial which, judging from the name, exhibits Monuments Men of the U.S. Army who fought during WWII. Other items related to the bombing of 1945 are stores here for commemoration. The memorial room is dedicated to preserving art treasures that remained after the destruction caused by the war.

Würzburg Court Garden (Hofgarten)

Second up, we have Würzburg Court Garden, also known as Hofgarten. This garden is located on Würzburg Residenz grounds. It is a worthy mention, not only because of it’s exceptional French-styling, but also because of its historic background.

It was laid out between 1703 and 1774, around the same time Würzburg Residenz was being built. Many consider Hofgarten the best-preserved Rococo garden in Germany. There is an artificial like at its center with springing fountains. Walking by, you can clearly see the elaborately done Pegasus sculpture.

There are other ornamental sculptures distributed throughout the garden to boost its beauty. The Würzburg Court Garden also features ironwork, one of which is the impressive garden gates.

The Würzburg Court Garden has several topiary fruit trees that were common in the 18th century. In spring, the flowers bloom and you get to experience over 70,000 different plants and flowers all in one garden.

Marienberg Fortress and Old Main Bridge

Above the River Main is the Marienberg Fortress in all its glory. Also known as the Festung Marienberg, this majestic building has a massive fort as its crown which served as Prince-Bishops’ seat in the 13th century. Alte Mainbrücke (Old Main Bridge), which crosses the River Main, was built 1473–1543 to replace the destroyed Romanesque bridge dated from 1133.

This is a fun place to explore because there is so much history attached to it. The hill used to be the Bronze Age hill fort in the 11th century. It was home to the exceptional Bibra Apartment that housed a collection of fine tapestry, antique furniture and beautiful artwork.

In 1729, the Maschikuli Tower was built here to house riflemen and heavy cannons. This massive four-story tower is a fun adventure for you and your friends. You can also explore the Baroque armory that was built in 1712. It was later converted into a Museum to house sculptures and Franconian paintings.

Wrapping Up

These are the three main things you must see in Würzburg. The next time you visit German, ensure Würzburg is more than just a pit stop.


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The photo in the header above is of the old Main bridge, which connects the old town of Würzburg, Germany, with the quarter of the river Main and the hill where Fortress Marienberg is located. Photo taken by Xantana from Aschaffenburg, Germany. It was taken by Xantana from Aschaffenburg, Germany.

About the Author

Adrian Lomezzo is a freelance writer in Germany.

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Things You Must See in Historic Wurzburg

Things You Must See in Historic Wurzburg

Things You Must See in Historic Wurzburg

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