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Sweden has some of the most beautiful parks and natural attractions. Indeed, it’s the perfect country to help you connect with nature. There are many sights to see and a lot of beauty to behold in this Scandinavian country, and we assure you that you can’t get enough of these sights. You’ll enjoy Sweden’s attractions whether you’re an outdoors person or not, as it’s a little paradise on earth.

Historic center of Stockholm on the Stockholm Archipelago.

Historic center of Stockholm on the Stockholm Archipelago. Image by Manfred Zajac from Pixabay.

Also, you would be part of the colorful history of Sweden’s parks and nature attractions that stretch over a vast land area and extend to the obscure parts of Sweden. Now, you’re packed and ready to go, these are some of the places recommended when visit when you visit Sweden.

Stockholm Archipelago

Your vacation starts as soon as you get to Sweden, as the Swedish capital Stockholm has in the Stockholm Archipelago, one of the world’s most incredible natural attractions. Visiting the Stockholm Archipelago is a fantastic way to kick off a relaxing nature-themed vacation, and we can tell that you are in for a treat. The Stockholm Archipelago is regarded as little Venice, and the Swedes rate it as their central captivating nature park.

The islands that make up this archipelago stretch around the Swedish capital. So, there is a lot of exploring for you to do. Also, you can opt for one of the many tours around the archipelago. These tours operate throughout the year, no matter when you visit. If you prefer having an intimate personal experience exploring these series of islands, you can rent a kayak and visit these islands yourself. It would be best if you got a Stockholm Pass to get the best out of the tours and Kayaking. This pass would allow you to enjoy free tours, boat rides, and island exploration.

The islands you would visit during your tours, and Kayaking sessions include Grinda, Vaxholm, Fjäderholmarna, etc. The people of these islands are committed to letting you have the best experience ever as they are very hospitable. You will meet interesting people, and they would treat you to mouth-watering meals. Also, you can fish and use the many barbecue spots around these islands to cook your fish. There are just many activities you can do in the Stockholm Archipelago. The relaxation possibilities are limitless.

Abisko National Park

You have watched the sunset, you have seen the moon in its full glory, you have the skies dotted by twinkling stars, but we bet you have not witnessed the calming swirling lights of the Aurora Borealis in a night sky. The Abisko National Park is your destination to see one of nature’s finest sights. The famous Abisko National Park is located in the Abisko village, in the Kiruna municipality in the Lapland (Sápmi) province. This park had a massive landmark that covers more than 19,000 acres.

The Abisko park is one of the few places you can enjoy watching the surreal lights. It is close to the north of the arctic circle, just 124 miles away. Just hop on the sky station in the Abisko park and get the best view of the Aurora Borealis. Even more, to enjoy these beautiful lights, plan your vacation around March to September as there is less light outside light interference that could affect your viewing. This doesn’t mean you can’t visit in the winter as there are tonnes of other activities for you to engage in.

Apart from the glowing night sky, the park is rich in lush vegetation and thriving wildlife. You get the see large herds of the majestic reindeers, and no, they don’t fly like Santa’s reindeer’s do. Also, the park is excellent for hiking. You get to enjoy beautiful views of its mountains, lakes, and valleys. You can also ski down the exciting slopes of Mount Njullá. You can also feel the wind racing against you when you try out dog sledding. There are many activities for you to engage in and not feel bored. You will enjoy your hiking, sledding, and skiing activities even more during the summer.

Another thing that will excite you about this park is the 24-hour daylight which happens for several summer weeks. The 24-hour daylight is why Absiko National Park is referred to as the land of the midnight sun.

Muddus National Park

Sweden has many exciting natural landscapes, and the Muddus National Park is a prime example. The spread of rich green vegetation across the sparks already quiets the mind. The air here would wash your body clean of the stress of work and the stress of living in a city. You would feel your worries lifting away from your body, and you would feel lighter.

Muddus is a place of serenity, a place where peace reigns. It is the kind of place that you need. Muddus is one of the quietest places in Sweden, and it owes this quiet to its vast forest, which steals all the noise away. Muddus’s landscape features a famous river that flows towards the Muddus Waterfall and a canyon referred to as the Maskosgarssa box.

You can continue to bathe yourself in the serenity of this park as it has Hiking trails. These trails have historical significance as they are the Swedish people’s ancestors’ migration routes. You would see many old houses when you walk across the land. You don’t need to worry about nightfall in the park as there are accommodations where you can pass the night along the hiking trails.

To enjoy the best of Muddus, visit around Autumn and watch how the colors of nature come alive. No painter could ever produce these kinds of sights.

Kosterhavet National Park

The Kosterhavet National Park is the only marine-themed park in Sweden, and it is a must for you to visit it. The garden one of the best places for coastal wildlife to thrive. Bordering Norway, the park hosts over 6,000 species of sea life creatures.

Autumn is great in this park as seals come up the landscape at this time to sunbathe. You can watch these animals by using a kayak to visit the islands where these lovely animals bathe. Although you want to take a relaxing dip in the waters, you should plan a trip during summer as the water becomes comfortably warm for you to swim in and experience the rich underwater life.

Farnebofjarden National Park

The Farnebofjarden National Park is like Muddus’s opposite, but not in the wrong way. Muddus can be quiet, but the Farnebofjarden National Park has sounds that will light your hearts with happiness. The Farnebofjarden National Park is filled with birds of birds with more than 205 species of birds living in it.

This park has a famous river flowing through it, and this river gives the Farnebofjarden National Park a glorious shape. The river allows creatures of nature to coexist, from fishes to plants and birds. The park is home to beavers, elk, Lynx, deer, and other species.

Springtime also shapes the park’s landscape as it floods during the time. The flooding leaves behind a thriving forest filled with moss, river fens, and a lovely stretch of green vegetation. The flooding also allows the exploration easier, and you can use the flood waterways to visit neighboring islands.

You can fish in the park’s river and camp and the river’s edge. If you are the daring kind, you can try for a trout in the rough rapids of Gysinge.


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Best parks and natural sights in Sweden.

Best parks and natural sights in Sweden.

Best parks and natural sights in Sweden.

Best parks and natural sights in Sweden.

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