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Everyone loves London because of the myriads of things to do in the city. However, if you want to get out for a cultural getaway, a seaside excursion, or a country walk, you can check out our list for some inspiration.

Street in Rye, England.

Street in Rye, England. Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Bath, Somerset

Bath is famous for its ancient thermal springs and buttery-hued Georgian architecture. If you are up to some walking exercises, you may want to try the six-mile Bath Skyline that will bring you from the city center to the meadows, woodland, and orchards. You may also love the literary heritage of this Somerset city because Jane Austen once lived there.

You can also take a tour of the restaurants to sample their excellent seasonal ingredients and local produce. Spending an afternoon at Corkage, a wine bar, is a must-try if you wish to try about 70 bottles of wine by the glass.

Deal, Kent

Outside of London, you will discover that “Margate’s little sister” is cozier and quitter than its arty neighbor. You can find a slew of galleries, shops, and cafes along its Georgian streets.

The Saturday Market is a favorite among the locals because of the variety of food that it offers. If you prefer a sit-down lunch, you can head to Frog and Scot, especially if you want surprises because its menu changes daily depending on hyper-local produce.


Eastbourne is a seaside town with a pebble beach, a Victorian pier, and a much-loved bandstand. You can spend the day in thriving art galleries and refuel your energies in several restaurants that pepper the town. However, you will enjoy the Beachy Head and its famous Seven Sisters chalk cliffs.

Some essay writers take a hike to see the impressive views from the top and wander to neighboring Seaford. Check Falling Sands Beach if you want a sandy and quiet adventure.

Hertford, Hertfordshire

Hertford is a country town famous for its cobbled streets and pastel-colored buildings. It is postcard-pretty because of its English antiquity for weary Londoners searching for shorter queues and fresher air. You may find yourself going through 15th-century castle grounds, wandering about its tiny museum, and net fishing from Hartham Common sandy cove. You may even go cycling from London near the River Lea towpath.

The Women’s Society Boutique can be a real treasure trove with an imposing exterior. You may while away your time at one of the numerous independent restaurants and cafes. Hertford can be quiet by day but more rambunctious towards the evening because of its bustling pubs.

Margate, Kent

Margate is a Victorian seaside town with a hipster renaissance for the past years due to the opening of the Turner Contemporary gallery in 2011. Londoners started moving to this Kent coast, and if you are visiting, this waterside gallery is essential for a cultural outing.

You can also wander over the Tudor House, the most ancient building on King Street. Head to the mysterious Shell Grotto for a spooky experience of underground tunnels covered with at least four million shells.


Rye may be Britain’s prettiest street, and newcomers love the quaint Mermaid Street to open artisan bakeries and stylish interiors stores along with souvenir shops and vintage tearooms. You may pick up a new book at The Tiny Bookstore after eating halloumi hash for breakfast at Whitehouse Rye.

You can do some window-shopping at a conspicuous antique shop or head to the refreshing waters and blustery dunes of Camber Sands. Have a rustic supper at Tuscan Rye and order fresh pasta.

The New Forest, Hampshire

New Forest is a favorite place of Londoners during the autumn time due to the rich hues the season produces from morning until afternoon. You can enjoy a long tour to meet the pigs, cattle, and ponies and cap your experience with a hearty pub lunch with a warming log fire and local ale.

You may also like the independent cafes and shops, as well as the waterfronts in Lymington. You can absorb the silence, the mixed woodland mosaic, and the sweeping views. Drop by Drift Inn for their pie, ale-battered haddock, or Hampshire beef burger.

Whitstable, Kent

Londoners rediscovered the beauty of this little town in the 1990s and kept on coming back every weekend for seafood and Kentish ale. You can opt to eat at expensive oyster stores or head the less costly ones for some Mediterranean-inspired small plates and mackerel fillets. You will love the cuttlefish risotto and Romney Marsh lamb at Samphire.

If you are for hoppy experimentation, you can check the thriving micro-pub scene. You can head to the quayside to pick up whelks and cockles or to The Forge shack for oysters, chips, and fish.

Final Thoughts

Take a timeout from the hustle and bustle of one of the oldest cities in the world. Take a day trip outside of London for a breathtaking experience. Take your pick! You will not regret it.


About the Author

John Peterson has been working in “Shop&buy,” a London magazine, for four years and currently offers an essay writing service at He is also a journalist and dabbles as a professional mini-tennis player. You may also check his novel, “His Heart.” Go and connect with him on Facebook.

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The photo in the header above is of Pulteney Bridge, which was completed in 1774, in Bath, England, UK, and crosses the River Avon. Photo by James Shaw on Unsplash.

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John Peterson is a journalist from London, England.

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Explore 8 amazing day trips from London, England!

Explore 8 amazing day trips from London, England!

Explore 8 amazing day trips from London, England!

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