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Dinner can be more than just a meal. Some restaurants are attractions on their own. They’re placed in unusual and exciting environments making them worth a visit. You could have a meal of your lifetime on a rock or under the sea. Other restaurants might not be unusual but are luxurious or have antique decorations that will leave you breathless.

Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar.

Rock Restaurant and Pingwe beach Unguja, Zanzibar Island, Tanzania, East Africa.

Below, you can find a list and exciting information on fine dining restaurants located in different parts of the world. If you ever find yourself near these restaurants and wonder where you should go for dinner, take your chance there, you won’t regret it!

Live… Eat on a Rock! (The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar)

In exotic Zanzibar, on a giant rock in the ocean near the beach, a dining place named “The Rock Restaurant” is placed. You could be getting tanned on the beach or swimming in the sea. Or come to the restaurant for a delicious meal or a drink. During high tide, the water surrounds the restaurant giving a stunning view of the turquoise sea. But when it’s low tide, the water recedes and uncovers the beauty of the coral, sand, seaweed, and rocks.

The Rock Restaurant sometimes gets described as a floating restaurant for its unusual placement, mainly because it blends perfectly with the environment thanks to its natural exterior and interior design. But it also has a great view of the ocean. On the open terrace, you can have a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean while eating authentic seafood.

Billionaires Playground is Known as French Reiver (Le Train Bleu, France)

Stepping inside the Le Train Bleu will leave you feeling like you just entered a castle. That’s because this restaurant got built back in 1901 with a luxurious look in mind. It got named after a famous night express train that transported high-class passengers. Today, many celebrities stop by to have a luxury gourmet experience at the restaurant.

Each dining room is decorated with 41 paintings by the most famous artists and designed to depict France’s regions and cities. In addition, a team of professional artists painted the great ceiling in the restaurant. All the interior design but also the meals come from the beautiful period Belle Époque.

Le Train Bleu also has a bar area and small intimate lounges. The interior is genuinely historic. Its halls got listed as historical monuments. You can find a casino in the restaurants’ area, so if you’re tired of playing Canadian live casino, you can stop by at this casino that is as fancy as the restaurant.

300-year-old Restaurant (Sobrino de Botín, Spain)

Sobrino de Botín is a restaurant in Madrid that got founded in 1725. It’s the oldest restaurant in the world that’s still opened since the day it was based, and it found its place in the Guinness Book of World Records. From the outside, the restaurant looks like an antique shop or a library. It has three dining rooms, and each one represents a Spanish theme. You can choose between sitting in the cellar room, Felipe IV room, or the Castilla room.

The restaurant still uses the original recipes, and it kept its authentic look. The antique decorations and look of the restaurant will make you feel like you’re eating in a museum. Some of the famous visitors of the restaurant throughout history include Ernest Hemingway and Francisco Goya.

Below the Deck (Ithaa Restaurant, Alif Dhaal Atoll, Maldives)

If you wish to look at undersea life, grab a bite at Ithaa undersea restaurant in the Maldives. The panoramic coral garden view this restaurant offers can’t match any others. It’s located 5 meters under the surface of the Indian Ocean. The roof and the walls are transparent, offering a spectacular view. The restaurant got built back in 2005, and it’s the world’s first undersea restaurant.

The restaurant offers fine wines, meals, and cocktails. The menu gets made of local cuisine influenced by Western cuisine. If you wish to stay all day surrounded by a real-life aquarium, you can stay in the Muraka, a room under the sea that is an architectural masterpiece.

Plate on a Cloud (Robuchon, Macao)

A fine dining restaurant called Robuchon finds itself in Macao. Inside, you will indeed have a fine dinner with high-class furnishing, dishes, a menu of French cuisine, and an exclusive wine collection. In the center of the restaurant, you will undoubtedly notice a grand chandelier with Swarovski crystals. In addition, several sculptures represent the French Wine Chateau.

The restaurant is located on a high level of Grand Lisboa Hotel and has a breathtaking view of Macao. In the evening, you’ll enjoy live music while eating delicious exclusive meals and sipping fine wine. But if you want to come for the view, the best time would be during lunchtime.


About the Author

Petra is a freelance author who enjoys visiting different countries.

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About the Author

Petra is a freelance author who enjoys visiting different countries.

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Fine dining restaurants around the world!

Fine dining restaurants around the world!

Fine dining restaurants around the world!

Fine dining restaurants around the world!

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