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‘’Uganda is a fairy-tale. You climb up a railway instead of a beanstalk and at the end there is a wonderful new world’’- Winston Churchill

Known for being home to a vast number of species, Uganda is one of the best places I’ve ever been to. There is no doubt as to why it referred to it as ”the pearl of Africa”. Uganda is a veritable treasure trove of untouched nature with more than 60 protected areas. It is a country abundant in wildlife and breathtaking landscape.

I have always loved traveling and experiencing new cultures as it affords the opportunity to not only relax and have fun, but also to learn and grow as a person.

On my 23rd birthday, I decided to book a private tour with Your Travel Nation. As trekking has always been on my bucket list, I decided to go on a Primates of Africa private tour to Uganda. They offer the possibility to customize your trip so that it meets your every wish.

Chimpanzee in tree.

Chimpanzee in tree. Photo by Daniel Lamborn.

In this article, I will cover the best places to trek in Uganda.

Kibale Forest National Park

This is one of Africa’s foremost scientific research sites, and one of the top safari destinations in the world. The forest is located between two major tribes: the Batooro and Bakiga, and it is easily reachable by road transport.

The vistas on display are unlike any I had seen before. The smells and the sounds of the jungle still resonate with me to this day. The duration of the trek can vary, but generally it is between 2-3 hours.

The plethora of biodiversity in the park is second to none, and it’s one of the few places in the world to see wild chimpanzees.

Amazingly, I got the chance to spot two Chimpanzees, which are an endangered species. Very still exist, they can only be found in Rwanda, Congo, and Uganda. Their endangered status is due to deforestation and climate change. This is one of the main reasons I chose to travel with Your Travel Nation. Their trips are sustainable and they make sure that their activities do not cause any harm to the wildlife.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Another hypnotizing place where I got the chance to trek is Bwindi forest .

It is accessible via Queen Elizabeth National park or from Kampala via air or road. Because I booked my private tour with ‘ ‘Your Travel Nation’’, I was driven there comfortably and swiftly. I highly recommend the road option, as you’ll get the opportunity to see the climbing lions along with monkeys on the road.

Bwindi is cold in the mornings and in the nights with moderate temperatures between 7 degrees C and 20 degrees C. but also it depends on the season. Since I went in February, it had been hotter than usual, but the advantage was that it was low season in Uganda which draws fewer crows.

Once I reached the forest, my guide told me that I had at least four different routes to find the gorillas. We started the hike, and I was enchanted by the unique spirit of the forest. While I walked in silence, I took the chance to do some active meditation and enjoy the stunning beauty of the forest.

During this trekking experience in Bwindi forest, I encountered so many animals, mainly gorillas but also mountain elephants, buffalos, golden cats, yellow-backed duikers and bats.
What can you expect from trekking in Uganda?

Trekking Tips

If trekking seems like a worry or a hassle to you because you don’t know which rules to follow, keep in mind that your tour guide will always be by your side.

I recommend wearing waterproof hiking shoes, carrying insect repellent and long sleeved shirts. Most importantly, you should always listen to your guide. One of the things I remember is that he told me that everyone should keep a distance of at least seven meters from the gorillas to prevent transmitting diseases.

Trekking through such wild and untouched terrain can be definitely be a bit of an exertion, but whatever you put into you receive back thousandfold.

Finally, trekking is more than a hike to the tropical forests. It is an unforgettable experience that bestows untold sights, smell and sounds, all of which enrichen the soul. Personally, it allowed me to connect with nature and reflect on so many things in my life. I am thankful to Your Travel Nation for providing me with this journey, the memories I made along the way will forever remain in my heart.


About the Author

Rim is a Moroccan freelance writer who loves traveling and experiencing new cultures.

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About the Photo

The photo in the header above is a portrait of a baby mountain gorilla (Gorilla beringei) in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Photo by Gunter N.

About the Author

Rim is a Moroccan freelance writer who loves traveling and experiencing new cultures.

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Discover nature in the wild when you're trekking in Uganda!

Discover nature in the wild when you're trekking in Uganda!

Discover nature in the wild when you're trekking in Uganda!

Discover nature in the wild when you're trekking in Uganda!

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